Cant pay my bill

  • 19 June 2018
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What if I can't my bill on time, what can I do

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Hey there!  We offer a service called Bridgepay.  BridgePay allows you to split your Cricket bill into two separate payments. As long as you get set up within seven (7) days before or after the start of your billing cycle, you'll get seven additional days to make the second payment.  See link for details.


If service is suspended. How can you get the rates and plans down to a more affordable charge?
I made a payment n i need my 2 bridge
I am a single mother. I lost not one but two jobs in one week. There is no way I'm going to be able to pay my phone bill the Check I received I used to buy groceries and other things but my phone is essential for my three-year-old is how she does her learning What can I do?
Hi! I'm a cricket customer as well, I am also struggling with bills right now. I've been looking online all week for any help I can get and so far there's three options I can recommend. I can't speak on Cricket Wirelesses behalf and I am in no way associated with Cricket except as a customer. I have read that Cricket is temporarily offering a phone plan that's 2GB of data a month (may not be considered much depending on your data usage) with unlimited talk and text for $15/ month. If you're unable to go with that option or just don't want to, you can go to and apply for a free government phone. And the last option I know of at the moment is using a Xfinity wifi hotspot. I read this yesterday on Comcast's website: "Xfinity WiFi hotspots located in businesses and outdoor locations across the country will be available to anyone who needs them for free – including non-Xfinity Internet subscribers. For a map of Xfinity WiFi hotspots, visit Once at a hotspot, consumers should select the “xfinitywifi” network name in the list of available hotspots and then launch a browser." Which you can see at this link: . I really hope this helps, I hate seeing everyone that is struggling. I am nearly homeless and have no job, but I am trying my best to help as many people that I can to stay healthy, educated, and comfortable. I wish the best of luck to you and your family and I want you to know that there are many resources to help everyone that is struggling right now, you just have to do some Google-ing and you can get a lot of help with bills, food, and even non essential things.
I don't get paid until this coming Tuesday the first of September