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  • 8 September 2020
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Is it permitted to change the due date with Cricket?


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I just asked the chat app if I could possibly change my due date to the first of every month cause my phone gets turned off at the end of every month an I don't have a doller to my name to even make a bride payment an they told me no so I said I would have to change to a different phone service provider an if I could get the unlock co code for my phone an they told me where I could get the code so I asked y'all are not even wanting to help me out just for a day or two cause I am disabled an get a check once a month looks like they would try an keep a customer instead of letting one go 

Is it normal for a phone to lose it's charge after just a few hours?

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Thank you for reaching out.  You can change the billing due date.  You will need to do this over the phone on the date you need it changed.