Confused about Bridge pay

  • 27 November 2021
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I was new to the Bridge pay program when I got laid off the 11/20. Well, I paid my $90 and was supposed to pay again yesterday.  Due to the holidays I forgot and paid $90 this morning. Nothing happened. Like I said I was new to this and probably misunderstood the concept,  so I called customer service. They told me my $90 I just paid was kind of like a start over since I missed that day. They were kind and did help me out, but I'm quite upset they just acted like my first $90 didn't exist. When your laid off with three little ones to care for, every little bit matters! I was appreciative for their help, but considering I do not get a check until Dec 21st, I was hoping for my $90 back. I know it was my misunderstanding, but after being a customer for so long and with 4 lines attached to my account they might have a little holiday compassion and let a mom have her money back. Guess I'll just scrape the money together to pay it all up front from now on.. Happy Holidays everyone! 😊

1 reply

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Hello @crazynurse3436! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We are happy to look further into this for you and review your account. For further assistance, be sure to reach out to our Support team via Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) :thumbsup: