• 8 June 2023
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So I wanted to just change my debit card # for auto payment. EASY, right?
NOT! Not with effing Cricket!
COuld not do it on the app. 
Could not do it on the web.

Called them. Was asked to do it with the phone menu bot. I reluctantly and desperately went with that. 
But after giving the bot my # there was NO verification! Ridiculous!
So I CALLED them.

22 minute wait, AS ALWAYS!

SO I gave up for today. 
Decided to go to their DO NOT CALL ME or share my info page.

Got there, filled out the form. Went through the stupid “click all pictures of boats” b.s…
THEN, guess what?
The page does not submit the form! 
This should be illegal. You know damn well they KNOW it’s broken and prefer not to fix it.
I am thinking I will report them to the Federal Trade Commission. 

I am not exaggerating: One time I had a billing issue. It took me EIGHT calls, each one a half hour to an hour, to finally get it fixed. It was a SIMPLE thing! But the CSR’s are either completely devoid of brains or they are not trained AT ALL.

I hate Cricket with a passion and plan to change asap.


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Hi Johnny! We are sorry to hear of your experience and that you feel this way. We do appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your feedback as we look for ways to improve the products and services we provide to our customers. 

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I don’t think you are being sincere about wanting to improve your services and here’s why:
EVERY time I called Cricket Wireless customer service in the past, I have had to wait over 20 minutes. 
Yesterday I called and it was exactly the same!

After 20 minutes I hung up because sometimes it’s 30 minutes and I didn’t have time to wait any longer. 
I had an important billing issue to talk to you about.

But it is clear that you ALWAYS take a long time to answer the phone call from a customer and if you were serious about wanting to improve service you would HIRE SOME PEOPLE TO ANSWER THE D*MN PHONE.

And NOT ONLY is it a long wait to get through to you, ALSO after one gets through, one very likely may deal with a CSR who has no clue what he or she is talking about or doing.

That happened to me in the original complaint above (in the recent past) which is why it took me so many phone calls and wait times on the phone to get my problem solved.
Your company has horrible customer service and YOU JUST DON’T CARE. IF you cared, you would hire more people to answer the phone!

That’s why I will be looking at an alternative provider very soon.

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Hey @johnnysax, we apologize for the poor experiences you’ve had with Cricket Customer Support. Please note that our Digital Care Team would be happy to assist you via PM on this platform. You can also contact us via DM/PM on Twitter @cricketsupport or on Facebook at We’re here to help from 8 am - 9 pm EST, excluding holidays. Thank you for choosing the #CricketNation.

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One should not have to file a complaint on here in order to reach someone for customer service at Cricketwireless!
I have resolved my problem on my own - causing a big pain in my neck - but the only way you can help me and others is to ANSWER YOUR PHONES IN A TIMELY MANNER which I assume means you spend some money hiring and training people instead of holding on to every nickel you make from us suckers.