Cricket Resembling Scam Companies.

  • 3 October 2020
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Ordering online from Cricket is an absolute nightmare, but a lot of us don't have much choice with the health issues 2020 brought with it. I bought a phone in June, it broke nearly 3 weeks ago now. I ordered a new one because the protection plan payment to replace the phone was RIDICULOUS considering how recently I purchased it and I didn't want to be dealing with the same issue in another few months for that much money. So I purchased an upgraded phone one the 27 of September.

I waited and waited, but it didn't come. UPS said they had sent it back to the company and I had to contact Cricket. I did so, spoke to Nick via chat, who was great and very patient with me and said he would put in the notes that my phone was broken so I had no way to receive contact that way. Apparently they thought he was joking or something? Because they apparently tried to call me on said broken phone and never resent it. I found THAT out after waiting and waiting and finally setting up a Google Voice account just so I can contact them. At that time I dealt with Christian. He was absolutely wonderful and diffused my frustrations pretty quickly. He submitted a ticket again to have it reshipped. I borrowed a friend's phone so I could take reach out to a few of my customers and explain the delay in me being reachable by phone. I waited a few days and then called once more (tonight) and was told by Alex that they had not reshipped yet as the order had just reached the back office and I would just have to wait longer. At this point I'm beyond angry as I'm still paying for service that I cannot access unless someone is able to let me put my Sim card in their phone for a bit to use. 

I work from home and my phone is my lifeline, so this is not simply a small inconvenience for me. I am literally losing income over this and still being charged the same price I would be if I had had service the past few weeks. You guys really need to get it together if you want to keep your customers.  This is by far the worst dealings I have had with any service provider in my entire life and I still don't have a reliable phone. Is this how you usually conduct your business?


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Hello @Nursissistic! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We understand your frustrations with your online order. Our team is more than happy to review your options. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) for further assistance. 

Why does cricket sell our numbers that we pay to much money a month for to scam callers?