Cricket Scam

  • 22 March 2020
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Cricket wireless is by far the absolute worst service carrier available. My service was suspended on 3/10/2020. I was told my service has been suspended due to a phone number port from ATT as of 6/23/2019. I have had cricket wireless since 11/2016. I have been able to use my phone despite this false request for a port in 6/19. I was told on 3/11/20to contact ATT about the port. ATT let me know that no such port was requested. Which I already knew seeing is I did not request one. I then contacted cricket again to let them know the response of ATT. I was told that an investigation would be opened and it would take 3-5 days. Since that time I’ve tried numerous times to contact a cricket representative. With extreme long hold times I was unable to reach anyone. I tried numerous times to use the chat option on the website. During the open hours I was told to contact again during open hours. After holding for 1 hour and 27 min I was finally able to speak to someone. This person was unhelpful and transferred me to a manager. Who also was unhelpful and informed me that a investigation was never opened. I asked to speak to his supervisor. John Rep ID JP8037 Told me he did not have supervisor and that I needed to go online and search cricket corporate to find a phone number for someone above him. I know their is a lot going on in the world today but I am highly upset and disappointed and dissatisfied in the quality of service provided. After being on the phone for a tokay if 1 hour and 55 min I am totally disgusted and will be filing a complaint with the BBB sand consumer affairs. The way you are going Cricket wireless will not have any customers and the company will go under. Your lack of urgency, follow through and blatant theft of money will not be tolerated.

1 reply

I intended to start a conversation on here titled "Cricket Scam but not to my surprise one already exist. I too just filed a complaint against cricket through the BBB for theft of money due to the fact that they have an option to pay your bill for FREE thru the app or website but yet i feel like , well I'm pretty sure I was deliberately directed to one of their retail locations WHERE THEY CHARGE YOU , to pay my bill after failed attempts to pay through the app and website. I kept getting some message about my card info not being correct. So after waiting for what seemed like forever to speak to someone on the phone I finally get this girl who asks for my card info when the automated voice clearly tells you that a Cricket representative would never ask for your card info. So of course I wasn't about to give her my card info especially after when I mentioned that the autovoice says no one from cricket would ever ask for my card info and she begin to use the only excuse anybody has these days, THE PANDEMIC. So I said what the heck does the pandemic got to do with it. And she says well people working from home aren't allowed to ask for your card info. So I ask her HOW WOULD I KNOW SHE WASN'T WORKING FROM HOME. All I got was a chuckle and an"I'm not". Like I'm just supposed to take her word for it or something. So I hung up and the only other option was to go to a retail location where they charge you $4.00 on top of your bill for coming in to a store to pay your bill. And the girl in the store might as well had been a robot. This was the most unemotional human being I ever met. Every answer was either "yes" "no" or awkward silence. I told her what was going on with their app and website and why I had to come in to pay my bill and it was like talking to a wall. I asked if she could waive the fee since this clearly WASN'T my fault? "NO" so I said you do know what this looks like, right? "YES". So I just paid my bill WITH THE SAME CARD with no problems with it at all...and left feeling ripped off. And FILED A COMPLAINT WITH THE BBB.