• 6 February 2020
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Cricket CHARGING A FEE TO PAY MY BILL ! ! ! This is absolutely REDICULOUS!!!! This is just a way to make more money!! $48 per year
per account. They are the WORST phone carrier and have absolutely no customer service skills! There is NO CUSTOMER APPRECIATION AT ALL!! They are a PREPAY SERVICE yet behave as if they are not. If u cancel a line they REFUSE to credit your account for the $$ PAID IN ADVANCE FOR SERVICE not received!!! Keeping that in mind, if I want to add a line in the middle of a payment cycle they charge THE FULL AMOUNT! They don't "prorate." They also don't give credit for MONEY PAID ON AN ACCOUNT if it's not the full balance paid!!! I paid $50 towards my $100 balance....(well $104 after their new payment fee) that was not and will not be credited to my account because I did not pay the balance remaining in 5 days!!! It's like I never paid $50 at all! Balance is due in full + the fee of $4!!! They STOLE MY MONEY!! HOW CAN THEY STEAL MY MONEY LIKE THAT AND NOT APPLY IT TO MY BALANCE?! It would be like a credit card company taking payment and not applying it to your bill because the balance wasn't paid in full by a specific date!! Or Avista taking a payment and not applying it to your bill because the balance wasn't paid in full!! DOESNT HAPPEN!! They may turn your power off but the $$$ is CREDITED TO YOUR ACCOUNT!!! Not with Cricket!! They POCKET YOUR MONEY!!!

9 replies

I think you need to read the terms and conditions better. It's pretty clear how their plans work and they spell it out. It's not their fault you didn't bother reading the fine print.
On April 1st i went tho cricket wireless and black lady nicole told me i wasn't on auto pay anymore which was a lie. Then i paid my bill that should have been 130. Nicole charged me 147.33 she never gave reciept she jyst claimed her computer froze. Out was fine i have mobile app and text proving i paid. Next day i return bc i was still getting message that my auto pay was gonna go through on april 3rd. Well on april 3rd my phone lines and hitspot were disconnected for non payment. We head to geese my husbands debit card tho pay a second time and cricket is refusing to pay us back. Please help
A Black Lady?? You really stated that on a public forum too. Ignorantly bold.
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A black lady? As opposed to a green lady or maybe a purple lady or even a pink lady?

Just curious as to why this poster needed to describe the lady's skin color? Maybe skin color equates to the type of service you can expect to receive?



The timely response to my comments is a prime example of the nonexistant customer service skills Crickets employees possess. Also, the fact that non of my comments were addressed in this timely response from Cricket Wireless goes to show that Cricket and it's representatives care nothing about what the public thinks of the service they provide. Thanks superstar for proving my point! Go Cricket!!! Pfft
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Cricket has maybe 5 different ways that you can reach customer service of you think you have been ripped off and you chose the forum?!?! Thats not the smartest move. 

Also the two previous posters arent supporting you. They are showing whats problematic about the language that you chose to describe the worker. 

Yes cricket has been stealing from me as well. Don’t buy a phone online they will keep your money and never refund your money.!!!! 

They have stolen from me as well, I bought a new cricket phone and a $40.00 dollar card and they haven’t imported my number nor have they activated my phone with a new number , this company is a bunch of fucking thieves, fuck cricket, I’m not a rich person and they’ve stolen from a poor person who can’t afford it, again fuck cricket! they give people from the Philippines a bad name