Cricket wireless has been stealing my money

  • 15 January 2022
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Cricket wireless has been stealing the EBB money and over charging me since October.  Every single month I am promised that the EBB payment will be applied and has not been applied. I called EBB and put the EBB customer service representative on a 3 way call with cricket wireless customer service person and The EBB rep told cricket that they are required to apply the money.  Well not only was the cricket wireless customer service representative rude, they lie, they laugh at you, they make you feel like your less then a person, and they hung up on the EBB rep and myself. Now when I call they hang up on me right away on me. I had to close my business because of this covid crisis and now am unable to afford to even take my wife out for a movie now. My wife threatens to leave me all the time because of the stress from bills. I don't blame her, we have children and she is scared. We moved our service from boost to cricket wireless because the rep at the cricket store promised so much and said we would only have to pay $30  a month because we are approved for EBB. Well now we can not afford to switch back to boost wireless and every month I'm paying $130 instead if the $30 that I was told I would pay so we budget for that. Every month I am promised that the EBB is applied and there is nothing to worry about.  Well here we are again having the same issue.  And once again I can not even take my wife to a damn movie just to get her out of the house. I was in a horrible motorcycle accident 2 years ago where I died twice because my head came apart, and now my memory is not what it was. I am having serious mental anguish because of cricket wireless since OCTOBER.  I can not concentrate or eat, sleep, I do not know what to do anymore. And I get laughed at by the customer service reps at cricket wireless.  I wish I could afford a lawyer. I do not like cricket wireless at all. There bad people. I do not understand why corporate companies would do this to anyone, I even applied for the SBA and PPP loan with a valid business tax ID ein# the whole 9 yards. I was turned down for that too. Yet the drug dealers around where I live are getting the SBA loans without even having a legitimate business. Is it that they want people to lie to the government? Dose our government even care that there putting more drugs on the streets by doing this? I have written the president of these United States and asked why, and even then I get no reply. This country has seriously gone down so far and are so corrupted that they let this cricket wireless steal the money that is supposed to help people. I haven't even received my taxes or my child tax credits or stimulus money.  I am a single father with a daughter till I met my wife. What's going on here? Why is our country letting this company steal from us? Why is the Gov helping drugdealers put more drugs on the street? Why is the Government not helping people like my family and I? I am lost and do not know what to do anymore.  Maybe someone that reads this message from here will be able to help get some order back, and help the people that need it instead of the people that do not. I've written the SBA , The president, I have written many government people's that are supposed to be for the people with not even a single response back. I'm lost. To the people like myself that can not get any help they desperately need and deserve, I am sorry this is happening to you. Maybe someday soon, someone will help. Do not give up. And I am the type of person that will not and have not asked for any type of help from anyone in this world. I was supposed to be on disability after my accident and did not even ask for that. I feel like I mean nothing to our Government.  And hell maybe I don't mean shit to anyone, but when I'm told that I will get help from my Government for my business and do not get any type of help, or something as simple as this EBB to help with my phone payment and can not even get help with that. It makes me sick to my stomach because I know I am not the only one. I'm ashamed to even call myself a part of this world.


Sincerely,  Mr. Joshua Robins

Robins Motorsports and sound LLC


1 reply

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Hi there! We are sorry to hear about your recent experience. Our Cricket Wireless Support team is available to assist you on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) to provide assistance with your issues.