Cricket Wireless is an all around JOKE!!!

  • 12 April 2021
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I feel like the BBB needs to hear about this company. How do you not have an itemized Billing statement for your customers nor a reliable customer service department? I own my business and use this godforsaken phone service for my cell service. Thinking it would help me save some money and be an easy deductible for tax purposes.  HAHAHAHAH boy was that a misguided thought process. I can see the IRS Audit already.

1) I cant tell yall how many “Customer Service” Reps. I have cussed out. There is no point calling them because they cant seem to understand any issue you present to them anyway, or, vis versa. 2) I have yet to find and/or obtain a service reception level higher than ~3 bars, so most customer service calls are either dropped or so laggy that I eventually give up on said call and (with a hope and a prayer ,and unprofessionally) resort to texting. 3) Now this pi$$ poor, unreliable, money sucking “Cell Provider” cant even bother to do the one thing most customers would require. Then have the audacity to have state in the “Ts&Cs” that you will NOT give access to MY detailed usage records nor provide me a monthly bill for tax purposes?! Then wants to provide me with a less than adequate 3Mbps unlimited plan. Wow am I kicking myself for this monstrous foul up. Im now thinking I would have much more prefered Sprint or Verizon butt racking me with their outrageous service charges, at least then, I would have something the show for my sacrifice. I will definitely do my homework when looking for a reliable data and service provider going forward… Cricket Wireless is the biggest F***ing joke!!!

2 replies

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I believe all prepaid carriers are similar on this, they don’t have a itemized statement available on the app. If you need this, I would consider going to a postpaid carrier, but you may end up paying a lot more monthly. Good luck!

I just contacted the BBB today and filed a claim since they are trying to charge me upgrade fees on a phone I dont even have !!!!