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  • 28 February 2020
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Dear Customer Service Executives,

I am a disappointed Cricket customer. I have had an account with you for longer than I remember. When friends talk about their cellular service I always mention Cricket and the great service and rates available from you. Not any more.

A small $15 fee. That’s all this was about. I have had a bad habit for many years of letting my account expire and then paying for the next month’s service. Not a great means of paying bills, but with the 24 hour grace period it was an easy way to remember to pay. Bad habit.

This morning February 28, 2020. I went to pay my bill that expired at midnight last night and found a $15 re-activation fee. Probably a good idea logistically to get more customers into autopay. But it was a new charge. Apparently it was notified in two reminder texts, that I didn’t read closely because we get reminder texts every month. $15 not a big deal. But at the same time, it was a new charge that I have never been hit with before. So I called customer service to see about having it waived this month. I am happy to pay on time from now on, but didn’t see the need to pay an extra $15 for something I had never seen before. Normally this should not a big deal with customer service.

My call fell on deaf ears from the representative and the supervisor. Company policy was upheld. This was a simple courtesy customer service matter. It will not come up again, but being told there is nothing they can do about it is disturbing. For a company that looks to its customers as their livelihood, I would think there would be a bit more latitude in how new policies are implemented.

I have since paid my bill with the $15 fee. I may continue to use Cricket for some time. But Cricket has lost my good will, my speaking up for them to friends and potential customers, and I am now in the market for better deals from other carriers.

You stuck to your guns, and made a little more profit for the month. Good for you. But you have eroded a loyal customer that used to speak well of you. I guess 10,000,000 customers makes you not really need people that much. A sad day for a company that I used to speak highly of.


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Hello @kevinwdiamond! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We are sorry to hear about the inconvenience this has caused you. Starting on January 31st, Cricket no longer offered the 24-hour grace period. To avoid late payments, suspension, and reactivation fees, we recommend signing up for AutoPay. You can view our AutoPay details by following the link below:

How do i post comment because customer service is trying to say I cancelled my service when I simply tried to call to lock phones when we misplaced 2 of the 4 on my acct

I have cricket wireless service and I cannot get my phone to turn off or on.  I am also getting a message on a black screen that says Filmware Update.  When I tried two chargers, nothing worked. I have to have my phone.  

I just had the same experience for paying your bill less than 24 hours after the due date is not good customer service. I have been a cricket customer for a while ( more than 3yrs) and because of this issue I will be going to another phone company I have 2 line so that means you will be losing 2 customers and I will let people know about the unpleasant customer service for billing an extra $15 for paying your bill less than 24 after the due date . The least you could do is credit it back to my account for the next bill to stay a customer. Guess your like every other big company when the lose money the little people get burned even if it is just $15 GOOD BYE CRICKET !!!!!

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Hey @6303980418, I know it sucks, but this has always been their policy. I know they were waiving the fee at the beginning of the pandemic, but not anymore. I would reach out to them on Facebook and see if they can help. Their Digital Care team is really responsive! Good luck!