Customer service is HORRIBLE!

  • 16 September 2020
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I had originally ordered a new phone online through Cricket. Within 6 hours of ordering the phone I called and cancelled the order because I was able to get the phone through the Cricket store. I was told the order was cancelled. Imagine my surprise when I received the phone in the mail 3 days later and of course, my debit card was charged. I called customer service and was told to refuse the package and return it. Was told I would received the refund 5-10 days after returning the phone. I returned the package to UPS on 9/1/2020. It was received in Fort Worth, TX (the address the package was sent from) on 9/4/2020 but they refused it. It was then sent to Kansas City, KS where it was received on 9/9/2020. I called Cricket on 9/9/2020 and was told it would be 5-10 days because the package had just been received. Now, the package was returned from the Kansas City location and according to the tracking number, it is in UPS lost and found. I contacted Cricket AGAIN and was told I have to wait until they receive the package before they will issue a refund. They have received the package at 2 different locations. It is NOT my fault they chose to send it on to a different location. That is on them. The refund should be in my bank account TODAY! I used to think Cricket was a good company to deal with, but this has certainly tainted that opinion. Besides the fact it certainly didn't take them 5-10 days to take the money out of my account (on an order I had cancelled) so why should it take 5-10 days to return it?! 

1 reply

I had similar problem. Canceled a phone order which included a monthly plan immediately after the order. Yet, the phone was sent to me. Even after return, Cricket is refusing to refund the plan amount when clearly it was cricket's fault to send a canceled order. Customer care agents are horrible to say the least. Repeating the same non sense day after day when contacted for refund.