Data still throttled after new billing cycle has started

  • 23 April 2019
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Data throttled back at the end of my last billing cycle due to data usage. New billing period started yesterday and was paid by auto pay. Data still extremely slow today as if it is still throttled. Why don’t I have my full speed now that I’m in a new billing cycle???

8 replies

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I'm having the same problem, two days after my billing cycle, my data is still super slow, restarted my phone, disconnected and reconnected my data, but nothing works...
I have noticed that my data will often become throttled so slowly to the point of becoming totally unusable (like I'm not even able to perform a speed test or do a google search). This occurs even tho I have the fastest unlimited plan available with cricket (8mbps) but often times can be resolved by putting the phone in airplane mode to disconnect all data services and then switch it back. After airplane mode is turned back off and reconnects to the mobile data, the speed returns to normal. I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this but ibfifured I'd share just in case. (However on occasion, I've had to do this multiple times within the same 10 min period bc the connection speed keeps dropping below 0.01mbps which can be frustrating) but this works for the most part most of the time

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I also facing same problem since 2 days, My data is slow down. Restarted my smartphone but it disconnected contineously. Not working mcdvoice

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