Double billed for phone purchased on, then phone blacklisted

  • 22 September 2022
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I’m not the first person with this issue if you look through the community forum.  I was double charged for a phone I purchased through and when I tried to get one of the charges reversed by calling Cricket “Customer Support”, the person I spoke with told me to dispute the charge with my bank… fast-forward a week after I disputed one of the charges and my phone was reported “lost or stolen” by Cricket Wireless for a charge back.  I wasn’t given a phone call, text, or issued a warning of any kind that this had happened, my phone just stopped working.


I called Cricket Wireless “Customer Support” five times the same day my phone stopped receiving calls (calls to cricket support go through just fine) to get the issue sorted out and each time I got a different person with a different suggestion of how to resolve my issue.  Clearly customer support is not a priority of Cricket Wireless.  I eventually happened to get someone on the online chat support that went as far as to tell me that they would issue a ticket with the “advanced support team” and tried to get my device unlocked, I was issued a case number and told I would be reached in 5-7 days.  I’ve gone a week without service on a new phone that I just bought, I doubt very much that I will be getting my new phone unblocked, but if by some miracle this happens I’ll update this topic.


This is a warning for anyone who purchases devices through Cricket Wireless, check your card/bank statement right away after making a purchase!  I will be purchasing unlocked phones from now on and plan on switching my phone service along with my wife if cricket support doesn’t come through.


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Hey @bobbyanalog ! We're sorry to hear this. We recommend reaching out to @CricketSupport with the details of your issue.

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Telling people to contact customer support in a different way doesn't seem like an answer. Training phone and chat customer support to be able to resolve issues or provide a means of emailing proof of transactions would be an actual solution. Either is a shady online business or the software used to process transactions has some serious bugs.

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I had to fight for three weeks and file an FCC complaint to get a resolution that should have taken crickets customer support maybe a day to resolve.  I even reached out over twitter out of desperation and provided screen shots of my transaction history that shows I was double charged, I got the same responses as phone and chat support provided (not helpful at all, just stalling and hoping you give up).

Save yourself some trouble if you’ve spent a day on the phone with customer support just file a complaint with the FCC, The person who followed up on the complaint un-blacklisted my phone immediately and I was refunded the over billed amount after providing credit card statements.  I wasn’t awarded any credit for my time (I didn’t ask) but I’m satisfied with the end result regardless.