• 9 September 2021
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I recieved assistance from EBB for a couple months (last month and the month before) but did not receive it this month. Did the program end or run out of funds? Or is there a different issue I need to be looking into? I emailed EBB and they said I needed to contact my service provider. 


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Hello @Crystal_riffle! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We are happy to look further into your EBB benefits. For further assistance, we ask that you please reach out to our Cricket Wireless Support team via Facebook or Twitter. We look forward to assisting you soon! :green_heart:


Don’t expect Cricket to help you and forget about getting your account credited. EBB benefit I applied for and was enrolled in back in June{so I thought}.and never started. I finally was told in August that I had to go from my current 40$ monthly with auto pay is $35 to the 60$ plan to receive this benefit and would start in Sept. and with my overpayment credit wouldn’t have a bill until Feb.2022. September was debited 40 dollars (no one can tell me why but instead say it not crickets fault so they won’t credited my account. Oct. balance due was zero and still have a 15$ credit but then NOV. and account was suspended (autopay on) and for whatever reason my benefit was transferred to a unknown service provider on 10/20 and also  expired in Sept. with cricket. This was the month they told me I would finally receive it. So EBB has now cost me 35 in july, 60 in August 60 in Sept. zero in Oct, and 65 in November. i’ve spent over 65 hours on the phone have gotten disconnected over 30 times and have had ZERO help from Cricket. Oh and they just took another 60 for Dec.bill not due until the 9th and with my auto pay  turned off. I would have only paid 210 dollars for the last 6months of service but after enrolling in EBB to lower my bill I’ve paid 280 dollars. I was told with auto pay and ebb discount my bill would be 5 dollars a month that’s 30 dollars not 280 dollars. On top of this  I already had a over pay credit on my account and told with that I wouldn’t have a  payment due until Feb 2022. I’ve gotten nothing but the run around and lies from every Cricket employee I’ve spoken to including the 3 “supervisor” You got your money and then some. I wonder what BS I’ll be told for why I can’t  port my number to my new service provider.  BYE BYE Cricket Hello Verizon

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Started looking for a new company today myself