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  • 26 February 2021
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I've been on and off the phone with Cricket Wireless Customer Service today and I'm extremely frustrated.  After speaking with five different agents/supervisors collectively for over two and half hours, they talked over me and wouldn't let me speak, then ultimately hung up on me (very professional).  I'm trying to switch to Verizon after experiencing months and months of delayed texts and performance issues.  Unfortunately Cricket is claiming that the iPhone XR that I purchased from them outright (yes, my own iPhone that I paid for and did NOT finance) cannot be unlocked until after six months from activation date.  They claim it states that in the "contract".  What???  Contract???  I originally signed up with Cricket because I didn't want a contract!  So Cricket Wireless is holding my iPhone XR (my asset that I own) hostage.  It's absolutely unbelievable and speaks volumes about a poorly run organization.  DO NOT GO WITH CRICKET WIRELESS!!!


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Hello @TBERTOLINO ! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We would like to look into this issue further for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) for further assistance

I posted the same comment on Facebook.  Twitter is too text limited.  Unlock my phone...please.


After being a loyal customer for multiple years.  I have put up with the poor service and even poorer customer no service long enough.  I started my service with Cricket with BYOD devices so was understanding when things didn’t quite work as expected.  No hotspot, unable to reliably activate phones and make and receive calls.  Very delayed texts???. No Wifi calling on a device that worked flawlessly on a prior carrier… Etc. Et.  Still BYOD I get it.  When I made the jump and bought 4 new phones from Cricket I expected all of those BYOD issues to go away. Surprise surprise no dice. Still I made excuses and continued to sing the praises of Cricket a really inexpensive carrier with a fairly reliable network ,but still the issues remained.  I took crap from both friends and coworkers who said that I needed to pony up and get a real cell phone carrier but still I defended the “little guy”.  Last straw a couple weeks ago I decided to upgrade my wife and kids devices for Christmas.  Logged in completed the first upgrade order… all good.  Go to do the second one and wait no deal.  Can’t place an order and no explanation.  Spent over an hour waiting for a chat representative to stumble through a script and back and forth repeated questions to ultimately have them demean me for not knowing about their asinine 1 upgrade at a time policy regardless how many lines you have.. WTF?!   They also proceeded to tell me I should wait till closer till Christmas and go to a store to handle my upgrades.  THIS WOULD HAVE DISABLED THEIR EXISTING PHONES WITHOUT NOTICE.  That isn’t cool!  Last straw I canceled the order with the support rep, received confirmation it was cancelled and stupidly assumed that was that.  A few days later the canceled order arrived while I was out of town.  That however didn’t stop the clock on the 7 day return window which they WON’T not CAN’T waive.   Will be disputing the charge with the bank and taking every opportunity to let anyone who might be thinking about becoming a Cricket victim to go elsewhere. All I can say good about Cricket Wireless is there are no contracts.  I encourage all Cricket victims to rise up and exit stage right.


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It’s one thing to be extremely extremely dissatisfied but to be disappointed is too much. You must demand satisfaction from Mr Cricket. Yeah, 6 months. That’s the deal. What you paid is a DISCOUNTED price (check out the cost of the phone elsewhere “unlocked” and you’ll see you got a discount). That discount is made back by cricket with your monthly payments. They figure 6 months is the time it takes to get back their money. If you truly wanted a no contract cell phone service - buy an unlocked phone and get a SIM from whatever company you want. Don’t buy phones through cellular providers...Always a problem.