Group Save 1 Expired????

  • 4 January 2019
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So, I paid my bill in full yesterday on my due date through the app. Got a text at about 7 AM saying the payment was received. Had a '0' balance. I always screen shot when I pay a bill just in case. Woke up this morning to a text that was sent at 1:30 AM saying 'Changes were made to your account'. Go to look and it shows our account is suspended for a mysterious $30. Have to wait an hour for Customer Service to open. They tell me: #1 The $30 was there when I paid the bill, I just 'didn't see it' #2 Group Save 1 expired yesterday and now we are under Group Save 2 which is $30 more a month. The supervisor is currently telling me that the rate change went into effect on the 4th and I am explaining that it is against the FCC regs to suspend service after I paid the amount shown on the 3rd for an extra amount.

NOTE: Louis, the Supervisor called back. He escalated our complaint to a higher level and they have waived the now $40 and reactivated our account.

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