How many bad business decisions can 2 companies make!

  • 6 March 2022
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I just done with this company! I am going to talk to the Attorney Generals office and FCC. This is the Final Straw with this company! It is not only disheartening to see a company that started out with Great Core Values, Integrity to the Customers, and Ethical Practices turn into a company that has more complaints then the lock down of 2020! Just sad… Will this company ever care about it customers that you purposefully, willingly, knowingly reached out to help?


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Hello @RB69! Thank you for reaching out on our Cricket Community Forum. We would to get more information from you on your experience. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) for further assistance :thumbsup:


HI !!  I am very disappointed and heartbroken!! I just recently returned as a customer a month ago.. I was a very first when they first opened back in the early 2000s up until about A yr ago. do to listening to my son on how cool a company was because he wanted an Iphone and i couldn't afford it  but it was free. I know.. but i would have never left here if it wasn't for letting my little guy have a voice and feeling good that he knew all the facts about what he was saying.


THAT isnt the issue now .. I actually tried to get help with a bridge pay the day after my phone was off and i couldn't. I lost my job or parted ways because of a non payment for 2 paychecks not being corrected, no food bank acct frozen because of the promise that pay would be there… bills just bouncing. enough of that so i am out of work up for eviction single mom.. my truck was stolen in sept. the day before my phone was suspended i finished my background for a temp position that is available only through the app on your i called again i was asking my sons friend to borrow the money for brige pay and i was told it was to late .. the lady 3wayed lifeline then wasnt on the line.. i just got off again asking for help please so that i CAN WORK AND I NEED HELP WITH RENT, I HAVE OBLIGATIONS WHILE AND IF I RECIEVE HELP.. HA HR.. AND SO LATER THE MAN CALLS BACK AND SAYS NO IM SORRY WE CANT DO ANYTHING NO LOWERING THE PLAN NO BRIDGE ANYMORE SORRY I REALLY TRIED TO HELP… IM SICK!! IDK WHAT COVID DID TO PEOPLES WORK ETHIC OR MORALS OR GIVING A F… LIKE.. NO.. YOU SEE ME ASKING BEGGING HELP ME I ASKED MY SONS FRIEND FOR THE 30 FOR THE BRIDGE I HAVE GOT TO GET MY PHONE ON. IM BACK TO SQUARE ONE .. I WAS SUPPOSED TO TURN IN MY SONS SSI YEARLY PAPERWORK BY TODAY 21 WORKSEARCHES FOR THE WORKSOURCE..GET HELP WITH RENT?? HA THIS DANG TEXT NOW THING DOESNT ALLOW ME TO GET CALLS THAT I MAY BE MISSING THAT ARE OUR LIVELY HOOD.. YES I AM ASKING FOR HELP .. JUST A NUDGE I COULD BE DOING THE TEMP APP WORK AND GETTING THE PAY IN 24HRS TO HELP. HUGHGHHG .. SMH.

SORRY! my grammar/punct. is all mashed together.. venting. everyone have a good one and stay safe! be sure to hug your loved ones!🤦

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