I need to cancel auto-pay on my debit card

  • 24 June 2019
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I've been paying for monthly service via auto pay for years for the mother of my grandchildren, because I felt that a phone is a must in case of emergency.

In the beginning, I created the account using my email. Then there was a change a few years back and for some reason, I could no longer get into the account since I don't have physical access to the phone, even though my email was on the account.

The person whose service I've been paying for is very hard on phones, and every time she needed a new phone, somehow or other the account name or password would get changed at the cricket store. (I haven't bought replacement phones for at least four years, someone else has).

A couple of days ago, someone threw her phone in a puddle of water and broke it, or so I was told.  I called the number over the past few days, and it didn't go to voicemail until today. 

To make a long story short, I'm not paying for service on a phone that she isn't using. And I'm especially not paying for service on a phone that someone else may be using without her knowledge to make drug deals. 

I see where others have been told to contact cricket on FB or Twitter, and I don't have either. 

So then, how do I get into the account for the phone to cancel autopay since I can no longer use my email to access the account? 

2 replies

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@littlebear When it comes to auto pay you have the option of removing the card off of the account via the MyCricket app or by logging into the account on Cricket's online website. Since you don't have access to the login anymore the best option would be to cancel the card with your bank and have them send you another one. I know from personal experience if you cannot validate the account there is no way in accessing it. If you know the pin to the account you can call customer care and have them remove it for you as well. Hopefully this helps since the Cricket account is technically under someone else name.

Thanks. I went to the Cricket Store to cancel the auto-pay, and while I was there, the Liar, Liar, I wish his pants on fire returned her phone, so i didn't cancel anything for now. 

She pulled up my account, and I reset the pin, but I still have to call the Cricket line to change the password online. I told her the last time I tried to make a change they wanted me to have physical access to the phone, but she told me that won't be necessary.