No Coverage in my area? Refund?

  • 22 December 2019
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I recently got Cricket nationwide for my phone and prepaid about $300 it turns out my town does not have cricket service. How do I get a refund? The store could not help me.

2 replies

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Hello @Astotts1. We hate that you're experiencing coverage issues in your area. Please reach out to our support teams via twitter (@cricketsupport) or Facebook ( so we can assist.


I recommended Cricket to my elder sister and we both looked at Cricket's coverage map plus asked retail representatives about this area coverage and we were told it was 100% covered. Then a purchase was made on Nov. 28th. When my sister reached home the new phone would not work at all ("Service Unavailable" -was what was stated on the phone screen) and she used another phone to contact me about the problem. I tried to resolve this thru normal channels but received the run-around from everyone at Cricket from retail outlet to support to managers. No refund for service or set up fee policy? This is totally unacceptable! You can not sell a product with service that you do not have. This was proven through multiple checks and verification provided by Cricket support techs who gave me an answer weeks later that the nearest signal tower was nearly 7 miles from this town of Cedar Bluffs, NE and it would not work. Still no refund. You FALSE advertise, Mislead the public and give Misrepresentation of Services you can not even provide, this is FRAUD, No Refund is a flawed Policy for this situation, it is DECEPTIVE, unfair business practice and Consumer Fraud to the highest order! My absolute unbelievable lengthy time and efforts wasted with Cricket Representatives with no help or resolution at all. I was told several times that an email had been sent to Management to contact me about this situation and I provided my name and email and phone number. I was asked to give them a few days to respond, which I have waited weeks now with zero response from three separate occasions. We are senior citizens also and zero respect was given to us the consumers that you misled and stole money from. This will now go to every reporting agency I can find and Cricket will pay for their mistake the hard way when a simple resolution was available but they refused to be honest or understanding about this. No decency at the corporate level. Simply put you can not sell a service that you do not provide and get away with no refund stating "company policy" that is fraud and your policy needs an exception rule to fix this situation when it is Cricket's mistake in the first place! What a joke Cricket Corporate has become to give their workers misleading information to commit false advertisement and fraud on the consumers by misleading them and selling a service that does not exist, then absolutely refusing a refund. Cowardly crooks at best, stealing from honest consumers without any decency.


Jack Foster