No phone no help

I paid for an iphoneSE over two weeks ago. NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THE PHONE IS. I would like a refund but keep in getting the runaround from customer service. I am getting no answers!

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Have you checked your email? Did you get an UPS tracking number?
If so, track it. Otherwise contact support to make sure the order is canceled. If canceled, the refund is made automatically to your card after 10 days + the days your bank takes to do the process which is not up to cricket anymore.

If the order is delayed or in progress, customer service will let you know. Have ready your order number which usually starts with "14-"

If you were adding a new line/service with Cricket, and you were trying to port your phone number from another company, that might be the reason why your phone has not arrived. If you put the wrong port information (acct. Number and pin) the order will fail.
Did get an email with a tracking number but it never shipped from ups. Cricket says they don’t have it. No new number just an upgrade and no email from cricket explaining the delay.