Online Order Cancelled

  • 16 July 2018
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I have been a Cricket customer for many years with no problems but for some unknown reason I have been having nothing but problems with them for the past 6 months. All I wanted to do was add another line to my account. So yesterday I purchased a phone from the cricket website yesterday & added it to my account with a new number. My payment went through, Cricket got paid the amount due & I received my order/conformation number, everything was good until now...
I just recieved a email stating that my order was cancelled because they couldn't verify my information. What is there to verify? The address was correct, bank info was right, my bank card info was right & everything matched. I called my bank to see if they cancelled it, they did not. I called cricket customer service, they couldn't provide an exact reason Why it was cancelled but filed a claim to investigate further. So I just re-ordered my same order, let's see if this one gets canceled too.

2 replies

Same here. I used 3 different cards as when I called / went on chat I was told it was an issue with the card. It's a scam to force you to go to a store where the cheaper phones are not in stock and they hit you with a $25 activation fee

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I had the same headaches they need to do away with the verification procedures my bank will take care of all invalid charges everything must match exactly with cricket and your bank its also case sensitive