Over charging customers

  • 14 August 2018
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Cricket is over charging customers. I had to pay $75 for a $60 a month plan just to keep my service going. And I’m a truck driver and I was discontinued when I already had paid my full amount

4 replies

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Hey there! We appreciate you joining our community and posting on our site! Your monthly bill total will depend on the plan and features you have on your line. If you would like us to review your billing please reach out to us on twitter (@Cricketsupport) or message us on Facebook (m.me/cricketnation).


On a related note, I have a friend who has been paying $70/mo ($65/mo with auto pay) for at least 10 months. For the exact same plan, I've been paying $60/mo ($55/mo with auto pay). That means my friend has been overpaying by $10 per month for at least 10 months.

Why were we paying different rates even though we were receiving the same service? Because last year when calling to inquire about an add-on feature, a Cricket rep told me plans were changed so that every customer, including those who pay $60/mo ($55 auto) gets an unlimited plan with no slowdowns. So had I been paying $70/mo like my friend, Cricket would have never told me about the change, and I would have been overpaying $10/mo like my friend.

When my friend chatted online with a Cricket rep to see if the rep could credit the account $10/mo back to the point when the plans changed (retro credit), the rep disconnected from the chat. My friend reconnected and chatted with another rep, who said he couldn't authorize any credits. They mutually disconnected. All the while, my friend, who had called Cricket before connecting to chat, was still holding on the phone waiting for well over an hour, Finally, Cricket answered, and the phone rep said there was nothing she could do. My friend asked to speak to a supervisor.

She spoke with the supervisor, who was absolutely inflexible and did not agree to give my friend the credit. When my friend asked to speak to the supervisor's supervisor, she said the call could go no further. So now my friend has to write to the corporate office to get money back that Cricket stole from her. Who knows if that will do any good, but I assure you that this doesn't end here.

If there's anyone else reading this who had a similar experience, I'd love to hear about it. My guess, however, is that most people either (a) don't know they're being ripped off, (b) don't question it, or (c) don't want to take the time to fight with Cricket to get their money back.

I used to recommend Cricket to people. Not only will I not do that anymore, I'm gong to vigilantly tell people to avoid the company like the plague, and I'll most likely switch to another mobile carrier because of this.

Cricket has been overcharging me $30 for 11 months. I had no idea until I called customer service with a SIM card issue a few months ago. The rep was so awesome and helpful. Right as he was telling me how to file a claim for a refund we mysteriously got disconnected. I called back but couldn't reconnect with him and nobody else was as helpful. I told the employee from my regular San Antonio store and she couldn't care less.. Then she overcharged me $30. I've had to pay that 3 more times since finding out. That same employee, Lily, also charged me $20 for a new SIM I was told would not cost me anything because the reason my card wasn't working had nothing to do with me or my phone but something about Cricket updating SIM cards. I was assured by customer service, got the reps name and asked her to make some sort of note on my account because I knew I would be charged. I'm still a customer now simply because I want to get the overcharging issue resolved. Can't seem to get any help with that. I won't accept a $10 credit every month either, I will be refunded my money. In the 5 years I've been with cricket who knows how many times I was overcharged. I've since dropped one of my lines and am now only being overcharged $20 so I guess.. thanks. 4 phone lines for all these years, you would think I would be more appreciated. And yeah I know.. Contact you at Twitter or Facebook so you can look into my issue.