• 19 March 2020
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I signed up for bridge pay because i was very short on cash and i paid 25 and last night i tried paying last 40 but instead they charged my card 65 because it was barely after midnight.. So that means i paid 90 for phone bill during a month im struggling to feed my kids.. Is there a way to make them make that right and at least give me my bridge pay back since i basically got screwed

2 replies

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You may be able to get the bridge pay back. Contact customer support and explain the situation to them. 


I have also had a similar issue back in the day actually, you just have to contact them and tell them about this issue. Back when I have had this kind of issue I have actually sent them a couple of emails, and they told me that they made a mistake during the second payment, as they did not see the first 25 bucks actually. That actually means that their adult payment gateways is not that great, and they need to change it as soon as possible. I know a great company that makes the best adult payment gateways, I guess that is exactly what they need.