Phone deactivated for no reason and with no warning, in the middle of moving.

  • 8 February 2021
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As the title states, I’m moving, in about 10 hours… er I was supposed to.

I should be packing the last of my stuff right now. Instead I’m trying to figure out why my phone was deactivated for no reason.

It’s worked just fine for the last year. It’s not a super old phone (has most of the same specs as the S10, except lower screen resolution). It’s the Xiaomi Mi9, bought it in late 2019 for like $500 (by far the most I’ve ever spent on a phone). Most people can't afford to just drop $1000+ on the newest Apple or Samsung, ESPECALLY IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC when so many of us are sitting at home, trying to stretch out what little we’re getting via unemployment/stimulus because we lost our jobs.

I got a message out of the blue saying it was “incompatible with your network”, again, after it working just fine for a long time. 

Then I immediately get a voicemail trying to get me to go to tech support (that’s not even open, convenient). I log into the app and it says I’m deactivated and will have to pay a reactivation fee.

My bill wasn’t late. 

I paid it anyways, thinking it might fix things. Nope.

This is 100% absurd. I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS, this couldn’t have possibly happened at a worse time. My movers are supposed to call and confirm in the morning, and I won’t be able to answer. I’m going to lose a ton in my deposit with them (NOT TO MENTION THEY’RE TURNING OFF MY POWER AND INTERNET AT THIS PLACE TOMORROW SINCE I SHOULD BE IN MY NEW PLACE). I’m seriously going to send you the biggest bill ever via an attorney. Phones ARE NOT LUXURIES anymore. We NEED them to work, reliably. Peoples livelihoods, and their lives, depend on it!

I need this fixed IMMEDIATELY. It’s an emergency. I pay my bills on time. I’ve done nothing wrong. Why are you doing this to me? 

YOUR sales associate told me my phone would be fine on your network. It hit all the right bands, was GMS, unlocked, brand new when I bought it, etc. You can’t do this to people, there’s GOT to be laws against this. 

YOU WILL NOT GET US TO BUY A NEW PHONES TO CONTINUE TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU, ESPECIALLY AFTER BEING TREATED LIKE THIS. There’s NOTHING wrong with my phone, it’s still “newish” and plenty fast enough for all of my needs.

2 replies

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I think you just replied to my post about the same problem. This sucks and by no means should've happened. sorry about your frustration man


That sounds incredibly frustrating. Have you tried reaching out to customer service for clarification? Moving stress combined with phone troubles is a lot to handle. Hang in there!