Phone pricing in-store Vs. online

  • 5 April 2020
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So today, I went into my local Cricket Store to purchase an upgrade/replacement device. However, when I returned home I made a discovery that kinda rubs me the wrong way. I have found that in store, my area location has their devices listed at significantly higher prices than their online counter parts.

For instance I purchased a Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure. In store, the device was listed at $79.99 for Upgrade purchase; but the website has the same device listed for $39.99. I did not know this at the time.

When I went to make to purchase, the associate offered a massive discount- to $39.99 if I were to purchase a case and screen protector with it. Between this purchase, the activation fee, and the insurance upgrade for the device- I spent over $120.

When I arrive home, I pulled up the cricket website to look at the devices specs, and found the device listed for $39.99- the exact price for the device under a "supposed discount" value.

This is 100% misleading, and underhanded. I was lied to, told I was receiving a discount I actually wasn't.

Has anyone else seen this in their local stores, or is my area store purposefully performing underhanded tactics to get higher attach rating?

3 replies

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Cricket has authorized retailers, and it doesnt totally control the prices for devices. Cricket sets the min price that the device can be sold for but retailers can uses several tactics to achieve higher profit from a sale. Sounds like it was a pricing tactic used by your local store to sell more accessories. 


I visited the Cricket Store yesterday to hopefully get a new phone and sign up for a plan.  I was looking at the Samsung A53 phone.  It is listed at 149.99 on the website and the salesman quoted me 249.99.  When I asked why he said that the the website does not list the taxes and fees involved.  That is a $100 difference, I don’t think taxes and fees are that much.  Not to mention his attitude was infuriating.  I will not be recommending that store to anyone.   

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Hi @dennae123 ! The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is listed for $129.99 when porting your wireless number over to Cricket wireless. When a customer is upgrading the Galaxy A53 5G is $299.99. Below is a link with more information on the device pricing.