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  • 22 August 2018
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CRICKET.....This is a joke right??? Every customer does NOT get the same customers are favored far better than existing
So please don't insult our intelligence.
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Cricket is another cell carrier that doesn’t care about customers anymore.
Yes I agree I've been a loyal customer for over 4 yrs & I wanted to upgrade my phone but I'm not going to pay 30.00 more & pay a ridiculous 25.00 upgrade fee. There is no incentive to the loyal customers. Give me the LG Stylo for 99.00 & no upgrade fee & I'll buy it. And the response of you can refer people for 25.00 is stupid. That's no incentive & no reduction on price. You'd think they'd want to keep the good & loyal people. But I guess they don't. Thx

I just spent some time considering the customer comments below, and they mostly share one common theme, a full understanding that the company does not demonstrate any respect for them.

The real proof of that contempt is the $25. *fee* to change phones. Some customers use phones for one, two, three, four years or more. They are VERY profitable customers, the kind of customers which, in every other company or industry, are highly coveted and respected and not treated with contempt. When such a customer decides to retire an old phone and begin with a new one, the proper and wise response should be, *thank you for all of your years with us, pick any new device you want at a 25%, 33%, 50% discount* not *the heck with you, sucker.*

And yet the *heck with you, schmo* response is exactly what you get.

Well, for me, with five years of continuous usage and wanting a new Moto g7 Power, the Visible division of Verizon (which runs frequent $49. promotions on the device, after all promotions) is looking like the proper choice.

You really call cricket upgrades on phones a deal for loyal customers??

No, really, is this a joke???

I can still save more money by going to one of your competitors. AND get the newest smartphone FOR FREE. Which I am taking a closer look at.

Cricket can and should do better when it comes to their loyal customers who have been customers for years.

I feel the exact same way!!!! Its so frustrating i just want a nicer phone!!! Ugh. Cricket yall need to do better about these prices WITHOUT going through progressive leasing! I went through progressive and wasnt able to pay off within 90days for a 150 dollar retail phone and ended up paying $900 plus
Dollars!! I got totally screwed over for a phone not even worth the $200. Such bull!
So guys there is options....... Be a salesman for cricket and get a small discount on your new phone or don't sell service for cricket to your friends and family and they will charge you more then anyone else for that new phone!!! Oh and good luck getting it unlocked
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I can imagine how you feel. Though that's the way wireless carriers market is. Take a look on the forums of those companies or the offers for their current customers. They'll be in the same situation as yours. Wireless companies offer great deals such as free phones for new customers only, most of the times. 

I know, it shouldn't be that way. But it is. 

All these companies would lose money if all their customers would be able get a free phone or such deals. If they would have those type of deals for current customers, they would need to recover the money by increasing the price of the plans or services. And I think we all wouldn't like that.

Nevertheless, I think there should be a better balance between having cool deals for new customers to make the company grow but also there must be excellent deals for customers that have stayed with the company (i.e. a free phone for being a customer for 5 years).

Again, it's just the way it is :/

I think many here are not seeing the big picture.

I have 4 lines that I pay $100 a month for. Got my phones free two years ago with this plan. I checked into upgrading my Moto 5 to a G7. $119 + $25. The $25 dollars is for the ESN swap involving new information that has to be manually entered into the system.

I came from another carrier, I was paying $160 a month for 4 lines but had free upgrades every two years. So with Cricket I save $1440 over two years of service but have to pay $480 + $100 for 4 new upgraded phones? Even if you get Walmarts $30 a month plan, you have to buy the phone first, and 4 lines are $120 a month (in my case). Costing me $480 more over two years, which pays for my 4 Moto G7's. And at the end of 2 years with Walmarts plan, you still have to but the phone.

Cricket isn't in the phone business. They're in the service business. The free phone to sign up puts them immediately in the Red until the 2 year agreement allows them to start profiting after some months. This is nothing new. Cable/Satellite companies do the same thing.

Im about to weigh my options to see if there's better service provider that's not associated with criket or any of thier associated partners. I've been doing criket since 2007 the service is getting worse and automated seem like they lost interest in keeping customers happy, and the only way to show is to vote by putting my money in someone else's account. I hate to go but its seems like it's the only way. Bey criket
You never gave anyone any real response we pay for our servace every month I have been with u 3 years and I have 3 lines and pay 107.00 per month I have had this phone model for years I need a new phone and the promos u have are no deal at all who has time to try to convince friends to switch servace so their is no way we would get up to 250 a should have incentives to keep coustomers that have been with you for well over 2 years. Plus the phones u have suck except for the high priced ones and the Motarolia upgrade 139.00 plus 25 fee then taxes and all the other little fees. Thats no deal for well established coustomers if u can give it away free then long term coustomers should get it for less the half if 139.00 and no fee we will have to buy one. Case and tempered glass screen and you charge an arm and leg the same case u sell for over 20$ u can get on E bay for 5.99 plus free shipping tempered glass screen saver on E Bay 2 for 3.99 free shipping same quality also. So whare are the deals for us????
Charged my card $25 instantly for a phone upgrade that was never done. I was only considering getting an upgraded phone through the third party’s “rent to own” monthly payment plan option, but obviously needed to see exactly how much these monthly or weekly payments would be before deciding to commit to the offer. Turns out it is not until you go through a painstaking procedure that you finally get to see what the weekly payment amounts will be. You can not even SEE the prices until after Cricket charges you a $25 upgrade fee for an upgrade that you just want to check what the pricing would be. It is scandalous the way they have procedure set up, and they will claim ignorance, but you cant tell me there isnt a way to let the customer see what the pricing will be without Trying to rip them off for a $25 BS upgrade fee first...I wont even get into the ridiculous cost for the Phone payment plans,but since cricket knows they are stupid high should be more reason to make viewing them first alot easier...I just want my $25 unused upgrade fee refunded to my bank account without any excuses why it cant be the right thing Cricket...not holding my breathe....

In March, 2019 I bought a Moto G7. Paid for the SIM kit and the $25 "upgrade fee".

Swayed by a good price for the new Motorola Edge, I bought one thinking I could do the same thing: pay for a SIM card, upgrade fee and move happily along.

Apparently, that is not the case. Why? I cannot imagine. As an MVNO, Cricket should be trying to attract people that want the freedom of a no-contract phone and buying/using whatever compatible phone they want.

Now, Cricket is pushing those type of customers away. I have been a Cricket customer for many years and have always been very happy with the service. But now I have a new phone that I cannot use because Cricket won't sell me a SIM kit for it. LET ME PAY FOR THE SIM KIT AND THE UPGRADE FEE. Why is that so hard?

If I can bring my own phone as a new customer, why can't a buy my own phone to upgrade as a current customer. This makes absolutely no sense to me.

Cricket knows it's a competitive business. So I'm not worried, there are many other MVNOs who will happily accept me and my Moto Edge. The only loser here is Cricket.

Dido, exactly how I feel. I am wanting to upgrade my phone and I have been with Cricket for years but they do not give loyal customers any incentive to stay. So, I also will be going to another phone company.
Dido, exactly how I feel. I am wanting to upgrade my phone and I have been with Cricket for years but they do not give loyal customers any incentive to stay. So, I also will be going to another phone company.

Brought in Moto g8 power phone, transfer over no problems no charge. Worked fine, week later noticed a crack on screen, returned & sent a new phone. 

Manager switched card yet unable to put into system, defective phone? 

Contacted seller who contacted manufacturer, gave troubleshooting instructions, took to cricket, troubleshoot yet still unable to get system. 

Reading this group saw I was not alone w Moto problems thus refunded Moto & purchasing LG Styol 6.

Informed of Cricket $25 gift coupon covering new card transaction. 

Excellent service here in durango co. 👍

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After being a Cricket customer for over 2 and a half years, I'm wondering what the incentive is to stay?  I would like to upgrade my phone, but every other company out there will give me MUCH better deals on a new phone.  Additionally, Cricket is going to charge me an extra $25 to upgrade?  Is that just a 'privilege of doing business with you' charge?  I guess there's no real reason to stay since I'm going to save over $200 (plus the additional $25) just to go to another company.  I understand that getting new customers is important, but you'd think there was some kind of benefit for being a loyal customer for so long.  Oh well, looks like I'm off to another company.  Maybe I'll be back in 2-3 years when you'll treat me like a 'valued new customer' again...

Hi if you upgrade through there web site they dont charge the 25$ activation fee.


I can't help but feel the same way ,  cricket really REALLY needs to give existing customers a better incentive to stay with them .   I am happy with the phone coverage areas etc  , however other competitors are willing to give me an upgraded phone either for free OR AT A PRICE MUCH LOWER THAN CRICKET  , I also noticed that the cost of the rate plans are almost identical to Cricket . GUESS WE ALL WILL JUST HAVE TO DO WHAT WE GOTTA DO .   I personally have begun to shop around. 


I realize this thread is 2 years old but I'm just now seeing it because I was actually looking up the same thing I have been a loyal customer since 2016 it is now 2022 same number ever since I signed up for the first time and I barely on my second phone therefore I take care of my phones but here we are quickest saying that we have until February to upgrade our phones if they are not 5G capable or voice something capable and my phone is not well the amount that I would have to pay is over $200 or more plus the $25 still that has not changed I'm so contemplating whether or not to switch companies in order to just save money to upgrade my phone I don't want to I want stay with the company that I'm with. But not at that price because I feel like 6 years 8 years actually I should be rewarded for that


I have been a loyal cricket customer for over 16 years and now I am being forced to get a new phone because they are upgrading their network. I now have a flip phone and I think that since I have been with them for so many years I should get another flip phone for free but it doesnt look like thats going to happen.