Pin Locked and Customer Service Problems

  • 12 February 2021
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I spent 40 minutes on the phone tonight because I went to pay my bill on my computer and couldn’’t remember my pin.  The call was a horrible connection and the customer service person, Gabriel, had an extremely thick accent. 

Gabriel told me to reset my pin I had to reset my password and update my security queston.  Who knows why all that had to be done to reset my pin, but I played the game.  Reset everything and low and behold my new pin doesn’t work.  Every time I entered my pin I get a message my pin is locked!

The ticket was escalate and I got a call from another person.  Again horrible connection and thicker accent.  Not being racist or whatever, but it does no good to speak with a customer service rep that you can’t understand.   I digress.  This person tells me I have to disconnect my wifi and use the cellular network.  She is blasting directions and I’m trying to tell her that is not what I see on my phone.  

It’s been a long day and crappy customer service didn’t help.  So I still can’t use my pin on my account, but I have a new password and security question (says with sarcasm).

Anyone have a suggestion?

2 replies

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Thank you for commenting on the Community Forum! 

Our support team would be happy to look into this further! It seems like it could have been handled in more of a swift manner. Please reach out to them on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue if you would like additional assistance. 

Support has called me twice in the middle of my workday.  Unfortunately given the last few times I spoke to someone about this problem the support was on a horrible phone connection (ironic for a phone company) and had accents so thick it was impossible to understand them.  I’m not sure what else to do about this, but it is impeding my account access and pissing me off at this point.


Find someone in the US with a good connection and minimal accent so I can get this resolved.  Otherwise there are many other cellular companies that have as good or better deals.