Ported number without consent

  • 9 March 2021
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My phone number got ported yesterday morning.  I have 4 lines and two of them got ported out without our consent.  Usually when any changes are made we get a text on our phones, none of the 4 lines got a text about changes.  My husband went to the cricket store and we’re not able to help him and sold him another chip and gave him a new number.  He needs a phone due to his job (frontline essential worker).  He called cricket and was giving a case number and told they will going to put priority on it and we’re going to call him. I contacted someone through cricket chat late afternoon and told them about the issue, I was not given a case number nor did they ask for previous case number. Was also told we’re going to put a priority on it and someone was going to call us shortly.  Not sure if they using that word just to give us hope someone will call us right away. We are going on the 2nd day and still no phone call from cricket.  So I have been without service thankfully I have wifi for now only at home, but I am out with my kids and no service.  I also went on Twitter and Facebook address that I got on this forum. Still no response.  We have had these phone numbers with cricket for more than 10 years.  We want our numbers back.  No help in person at cricket store, nor by phone, nor by cricket online chat, nor Twitter, nor Facebook, lets hope I can have someone read this and help me.  

3 replies

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@Esmeralda I see so many comments like this on here! It’s scary, but their support teams are usually pretty good at getting this taken care of. If you’re worried reach back out to them.

Thank you uptownlatina1!  I finally got my numbers back today.  I just wished they couldn’t of communicated with me better and keep me posted.  I was without phone service for 5 days. Thank you Cricket for getting our numbers back!

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My account was done the same way and it’s been 20 days and no call back or any thing from Cricket. My phone number is my living and my wife is in the medical field and has to have number for Covid protocol. I’m loosing sales everyday because of this.