problem with activation/upgrade refund after returning new phone unused and unactivated

  • 27 December 2022
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I have been a loyal customer for over 15 years and upgraded my phone a few times without any problems until now. I bought a phone online late November and returned it within the 7 day limit (without activation, without inserting new sim card). When trying to return phone, the return shipping label did not arrive as promised. I ended up on phone with claims dept. and they sent me the shipping label and assured me that they would refund the purchase price when phone was received in new condition and that another dept. would process the refund for the $25 fee. There was nothing wrong with phone - I just did not like that it did not come with a wall charger (it had the kind of charger that must be plugged into a laptop or TV which won’t work for me.) I received a return confirmation email early December confirming receipt of phone and telling me that the amount of the refund would be the full amount I paid (the phone plus tax plus the $25 fee) and it would arrive within 10 business days. It gave me the customer service phone number to call if I needed help with this. I then received a refund for the amount of the phone and taxes but I am still due $25. It’s been far beyond 10 business days. I called today, waited on hold a long time, and was then told by a customer rep that the $25 would not be refunded. I asked to speak with management and was transferred to what sounded like a very loud call center with a bad connection. Got disconnected. Called again and asked for a callback. Got a callback but was immediately put on hold by the automated system. Waited 5 minutes and hung up, needing to do other things at that time. At this point I am definitely considering switching to TMobile which will give me a free new phone upon signing up and a monthly rate similar to Cricket’s. I am very frustrated at the trouble I am having getting this $25 fee returned when I had been told twice that it would be returned upon receipt of unused phone, and thinking it is probably best to switch service providers rather than spend hours trying to get the refund. I am unable to reach anyone at Cricket who can address this issue. I do have the email confirming that I would be refunded the full amount and also the word of the person I spoke with back when I was returning the phone. I have searched Cricket’s website and find no reason why I should not receive it but no way to contact anyone who could help. Having been a customer for so long and never once missing a payment, I am very disappointed in the quality of the customer service I am experiencing. Is there anything I can do to get this refund rather than switching to another company? (Also, none of the categories in “sub forum” apply to this problem, so I am choosing “biling and payments” which is not accurate. This is consistent with trouble I am having getting help with this problem. I doubt that I am the only person who has had this problem and tried to get help with it.)


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Hi @rires and welcome to the Community Forum. We’re sorry to hear about your experience, but we want to assure you that you’ve come to the right place for help. Please send us a PM to @CricketSupport and include the name on your account and your wireless number. We’d be happy to assist you on this platform. 🤗

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Thank you. But I don't know how to send a PM, as strange as that may seem these days. I disabled facebook messenger a few years ago because so many accounts kept getting hacked and I was receiving suspicious messages. Isn't there someone at Cricket who can help with this by phone or email instead of through a third party app? I hope you can help me through this or explain how to PM if that is the only way. Any thanks for responding!

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Oops, just now figured out the PM and sent the info. Thanks Marlena_Cricket.

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I got a reply PM last night telling me to PM a 6 digit code that the sender said was texted to me. But I did not receive a text. I am amazed at how much time and trouble I've spent on this in addition to the $25 that is owed me. 😥😥😥