• 11 November 2020
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I do have a question. First I'd like to apologize for my post previously as I reacted out of my frustrations.
MY QUESTION: Has any one whom has been deceived and not compensated for Billed Merchandise Never Recieved?
2Znd QUESTION; Have any of you going though this dispute with Cricket wireless. Would be intrested in joining me in filing a lawsuit against Cricket Wireless for their
Refusal to comply with the laws they are breaking.
I read many complaints yesterday, and I see many here entitled to compensation from Cricket.
There are federal laws that they have broken or not complied with.
My law firm I work for advised me to redact with knowledge and respect for the laws put in place to protect consumers from these type offenses.
I let my frustration guide me to my intellect in beginning a lawsuit against Cricket Wirelss.
This is the process I have chosen to take. And would be very happy to give you the information you need. How you can file, or we all file.
The lawsuit has different views on type of suit filed. As to individual or civil.
Please respond for information.
Thank you .

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