• 10 November 2020
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This is ridiculous and made me thankful this order was never recieved.
It has been well enough time for you to see the shipment has never been opened and in the perfect conditions you sent them in. Since they were never received and shipped back to you the next day. And it's been confirmed you had received it back.
Your service is far from anything close to good. I don't need to call my bank yrs of great service.
Just like my mobile service years of service and never can I imagine what I was thinking making a change!
I already had great service. Especially compared to Cricket.
Dear Lord I can only imagine how that would've been a complete disaster.
I need my money back. NOW!!
IT'S ONE BS STORY EVERY TIME I CALL. I have been escalating 4 times and I am not going to have much more complaints filed with you.
I may need to file a complaint against you for stealing and falsely claiming reliability. And I might need to see what my lawyers need to tell yours.

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I Wish to learn more. You dont have a good email address even.
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1 reply

As I see this seems to be an ongoing continuation for Cricket.
And I also know I've reached out and contacted enough of your intellectual morons. I have no desire to freaking Facebook or Twitter with even more false crap.
I just want my FN money back and hope Cricket is exterminated.
This absolutely insane you ass clowns call yourself a company.