returned phone no refund

  • 1 August 2022
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I went through the process of returning a phone I did not end up liking within the return policy with the help of the warranty department.

this was in March 2022

as of august 2022 I have not received a refund or the phone back. I have called cricket customer service multiple times being into he line for over 3 hours at a time. I have also left messages with the warranty department as directed when you are transferred to that line.

Further you can’t just go to a local store if you purchased online you have to go through the online return process. 

horrible service. At least send me back the phone if I am not getting a refund. 


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6 replies

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Hi @Robin_summers123 !


I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Our support team would be happy to look into this for you and assist. Feel free to send a PM to our @CricketSupport account with your order number, wireless number, and details of issue for further assistance.

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Same here. They say they will help, but it’s all lip service. They will not return money. I tried, and I tried with no result. They should change the company name to Crooket.

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Sorry to hear that. This was my last resort. As soon as I responded to the comment in a message, they ghosted me. Goodbye over $800. Switching the Spectrum next month. 

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Update: cricket just messaged me on here asked for my mailing address said they confirmed my device was returned and received. They will be sending me a check refund… will let you know if that comes through.

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Hi, I am dealing with the same issue. If it doesn’t get resolved, you can send a notice of dispute. Here is the link with more information. Good luck.


Notice of Dispute


Cricket Wireless LLC ("Cricket") is committed to resolving its customers' disputes in a fair and efficient manner. If you are unsatisfied with the resolution that a customer service representative offers for a problem that you are experiencing, you may notify us of your dispute by sending this form to Cricket's legal department or you can submit electronically here: link does not work, so you have to mail the document.) 

Please complete this form in its entirety (printing legibly). Retain a copy for your records and send the completed form by certified U.S. mail to:

Office of Dispute Resolution, Cricket Wireless LLC, 1025 Lenox Park Blvd., 5th Floor Atlanta, GA 30319.

A Cricket representative will respond within 30 days of receiving this form. If the dispute is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may begin arbitration by submitting a Demand for Arbitration to the American Arbitration Association. We provide further details on our web site (at, as well as a Demand for Arbitration form.