Service being cut off and EBB

  • 15 December 2021
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I AM PISSSED, my phone is off after I paid my bill. I called three different people to get my service fixed bc I have the EBB plan where as my bill would be $60, but I will on my pay $10 with my account. And $5 with autopay. I paid my phone bill yesterday over the phone & then yet again they suspended my service. Total bullshit. I am not understanding and I wanna fuckin cry. I’m in a new town and I need my gps to get around. The first few months, it was great and then the last two months. It’s been nothing, but TROUBLE. I was told this was the best service provider. Bullshit. And it’s 3:05am and you can’t even get in touch with anyone. I talked to the ebb yesterday twice, cricket twice & then went up there On the 13th and my bill wasn’t due until the 14th so just imagine how pissed. I want to report this company or bring about type of lawsuit. Anyone would like to do a petition? This is ridiculous. You can’t even reach a 24 hour customer service provider bc they don’t even have one.  

2 replies


Company called "FairShake" goes after big companies for a small fee only if you win money, I used them to help me with MetroPCS they got me my money for a month of service back, they only charged me $10


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I have the same thing going on.  I mean seriously.  I sat up at the store while the cricket employee called them and I sat there and watched her argue with the rep on the phone all he did was over talk her and treat her like she was nobody.  They even said they were transferring her to the supervisor after requesting them for 15 min over and over they sent her to hold for 45 min with no one picking up.  I filed a formal complaint with the FCC who oversees the ebb program.  And I'm going to definitely get awnsers within 30 days.