service suspended even though i paid on time

  • 11 November 2021
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Cricket this is just bs. My service was supposed to be good until 11:59 pm. I paid in full at 11:44 pm. Only to find out that my account has been suspended and a $45 reactivation fee must be paid in order to restore or service?!?! Not to mention my fathers in the hospital just suffered a medical emergency and now he nor the doctors can get ahold of me. Wtf cricket??I AM BEYOND LIVID seeing as my service should have never been disconnected anyway....There is NO WAY to contact anybody in person.The "chat" with "us" is actually a stupid bot that doesn't have the ability to fix or help with ANYTHING....So, now, I have no phone service. I've PAID for my families phone service, ON TIME, but yet our phones are deactivated. REALLY CRICKET. 

5 replies

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We’re sorry to hear this!  All payments are due by 11:59 pm CST on your due date, regardless of the number of days in the billing cycle. Did you pay the full amount that was sent to you in your text messages from Cricket?


I just had the same problem but im on the road at 12:30am trying to get home use my gps phone go off bs call this morning they talking about I didn’t call to set up other bridges pay if I didn’t how i knw tht i need to pay $23 on Nov 21 the online dont give you tht information then she going say we will waive $5 action fee really 


My service suspended even I am on auto pay and I did not do any change to my account more than 2 years.  It probably happened all the time, I just did not realize since I only use the phone occasionally. I believe that is the software design and company must know this unless they are willing to change the design system.


I paid my phone bill on time also and I have been suspended for 3 days. Have been on phone every day and at the local store. Have proof that cricket took my money out of my account and they still say they do not have my money and will not turn on phones or give money back. I am so mad I refuse to pay again when I my bank statement said they got the money.  Even the bank clerk said they have your money they should find it 

I have had enough of this crazy stuff.  How do they rip people off 


Will this be the normal of cricket taking money turning off phones. The people you have to talk to are rude.  One hung up on me.  They do not help at all