Suspend my account and charge reactivation fee while I have autopay

  • 4 April 2021
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I have a multiple line account at Cricket Wireless. I used to have 4 lines in my account and pay $100 every month. On 3/30/2021, I added a new line to my account while I paid $25 for monthly fee and $10 for the SIM card kit. On 3/31, I received a confirmation email about my new line has successfully port in its number, and on the same day, I got a text message stating that $25 is paid into my account, which should be the $25 from the new line.

After that, I've checked my system a couple of times and it always said I have $75 balance. I have autopay set up a long time ago and every month it withdraws money automatically from my bank account on the 3rd day of the month. Until 4/3, the account still showed $75 balance and as I expected, the autopay withdraws $75 on 4/3 too.

On 4/4, I found all my lines have been suspended because I owe money, and when I log into my account, the bill shows $26.67 for the monthly payment and $15 for the reactivation fee.

Until 4/4, the account never shows the $25 monthly fee and I never received any notification or email or text messages about that either. Even if I wanted to, I cannot pay for that $25 manually. As soon as it shows up on my account, I was given no time to pay it and my account was suspended immediately even autopay is still working. Furthermore, I was charged $15 for reactivation for nothing I did.

I tried to argue with the customer service of Cricket by online chat and I have all the transcripts attached here. The sales representative is nice but insists that there is nothing he can do about it.

In summary, my account is suspended because the bill didn't show up correctly in their system and even worse, I have to pay for that mistake by paying $15 reactivation fee while I have autopay setup. In this whole process, I have not received any notification about me owing money or having to pay the $25 manually. I was never alerted before my account is suspended.

2 replies

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We would like to look into this for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue.

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Here to report that 2 years later, this bug in their system is still in place...