• 27 January 2023
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Hello, This is Busra Taygun and we are using Cricket line for 5 years. When my parents came to Houston 5 years ago, They choose cricket line. We were trusting the service. We have never lived any problem with the line, while paying our bills. My uncle came to Houston 2 days ago and I wanted to help him about the lines and recommended him cricket line, even we added his phone number to our account. Anyway, We went to cricket store (7913 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77063) and the store manager told us, If you add a new line to your account, you will pay total $115. And we accepted that bought a new line and paid(62.87). After 1 day, I checked my cricket account and I saw there is more than $115 bill($122.50). I went to the store again and asked him this situation and he said I made a mistake it was $125 not $115.  I have shocked with this answer. There is a store manager who sells lines, phones and services but does not know the prices?? He made me a fool. I shyly explained the situation to my uncle. The store manger put me in a shameful situation. I lost my trust to this company. I had chat with costumer support but they said you need to talk with the store manager. And we decided to change our service. I just felt so sad about this situation. I did not deserve it.


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Hi @aziztaygun , we are sorry to hear of this and would be glad to take a closer look into your account. May you Private Message @CricketSupport the name and wireless number associated with the account. 



I don’t make a habit of responding to public forums, but when I saw your post, I was so UTTERLY & EXTREMELY DISGUSTED by what I was reading, I immediately created an account in order for me to respond. I was very shocked by the attitude and behaviors brought on by the situation. I almost couldn’t believe what I was reading! It’s sadly becoming all too common in our society for people to think it’s ok to treat others with no regards to respect and kindness. It simply unacceptable! That being said, I’m sure Cricket is equally disturbed and hopefully will take the appropriate steps to make things right concerning the employee and the disrespect that clearly was unnecessary! In addition, i find it hilarious that you’d actually take the time to publicly post how “poorly” & ”ashamed” you felt you were treated, all because there was a $7.50 difference in your bill! Are you f’n kidding me🤯 And when you questioned the manager about it, you made it out like he was blaming you and obviously you must’ve heard wrong when the original deal was taking place. Uhh, hello😯…u said the manager told you it was gonna be $125, not $115. But according to your complaint, it actually came in UNDER $125!!! Ever hear of a little thing called TAXES?!? It rlly bothers me how one person can feel so VICTIMIZED over a lousy $7.50! That is simply ridiculous!! I’ll pray you find the strength to survive this difficult time in your life. I mean come on, it’s not as bad as people who are struggling to find employment or having to take your 13 year old son to yet another chemo treatment but it’s still something🙄And unfortunately we all have our own misfortunes and disappointments to deal with from time to time while we’re walking our way through this world. And if I was in your shoes, I’d be thanking my lucky stars that my  most shameful and traumatic experience was all because of a whopping $7.50🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ I’d also like to mention I’m sure Cricket is equally happy with your decision to do business elsewhere!