• 8 September 2019
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I know this seems dramatic, I really don't care... What I have been dealing with this nonsense for 2 months. I want to charge Cricket with theft. Actual theft. I want to go through a police dept and do the paperwork. Every bit of it. This customer service is absolutely pathetic. One fake promise after another. So many lies about refunding my money for a phone I was going to buy, I didn't. Had it sent back. They tried to say it was all on Progressive Leasing. I did go through them, they did refund me their part. But my bank statement say "CRICKET." That's who i had to pay for the upgrade fee. That's who I had to pay for the phone insurance. That's who got a phone payment IN ADDITION to Progressive Leasing. One person at Cricket said yep. we owe you a refund. Prog Leasing did too. Another person at Cricket finally agreed, another did not. There has been a "ticket" created to get my refund. That never happened.
I want my d@mn money back. I am changing cell companies asap because if this is what I am to expect from Customer service then this is certainly not the company for me. I am on the phone with a supervisor right now, after being on hold for an hour, he says he can't do anything else. This is still under investigation. Oh please. Loser.  

2 replies

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Hello @opticpoet

We apologize that you're having issues. Please reach out to our support teams via social media (Facebook or twitter @cricketsupport) for further assistance. 

Similar situation here I bought a phone online paid for 2 months of service and didn’t get the phone and every time I call cricket they can’t find my order but they did charge me . After a week of trying to get in contact with them I finally found someone who found my online order and submitted a ticket for a refund. It’s been 2 weeks and still no refund. I had to record our calls so that way I have more proof when I go to court. Not once but twice!