Trying to get the credit owed me

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Cricket overcharged me last month and instead of refunding the money, said that I wouldn’t be charged for the following month. (May). But I was charged. So I went to the Cricket Store and was told that I had to call Cricket as the store could not help me. I call the Cricket line and was told that they couldn’t help me I would have to call my bank and have them do a charge back. I call my bank and wait on hold for an hour just to be told that they couldn’t do anything, that it had to come from Cricket. I call Cricket back and am told that they cannot help me but offered to do a 3-way call with my bank (yes, the one I had to stay on hold for an hour in order to talk to a human.) So I am considering looking into another carrier but first I need to get my money back. Do I need to quit autopay and just eat the $5 or does anyone know how I can get ahold of an English speaking American human who can strighten this out for me? Or is it all just India Call centers and robots? 


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Hi @goldlite2 and welcome to the Community Forum! We’re sorry you’re having issues with your account. Any overpayment is applied as a credit to your account which will reflect when you login online or via the MyCricket app. If you have a credit balance you are only charged the remaining balance when your bill cycle renews. If your credit balance covers your entire bill amount you will not be charged. If you’re needing further assistance please send us a private message. We’re here to help!🤗

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I am on assistance and my phone bill is supposed to be $25. April 4 I was charged $55 and was told that it was a mistake and that May I would not be charged at all. That I would have credit. May 2 I was charged $25. I should’ve been charged $0. May 1 I went to the cricket store and was told they could do nothing to help me and that I needed to call 611 from my device and customer service would fix this for me. I called customer service and they said they could not help me that I had to call my bank and they would credit my account or charge back I believe was the term used. After waiting on hold for an hour just to talk to my bank I was told that they could not do that for me that it had to come from cricket. So I called cricket back and was told that they can’t help me that it had to come from the bank. But he did offer to do a three-way call with me to my bank. Since I was on hold for an hour just to talk to someone at my bank I have turned to you. I know $25 is not much to most people but it’s a matter of whether I’m going to eat for a week or not in my case. My name is Cynthia Douthard, 386-383-4667. 

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We’d be happy to assist you with your refund request via private message. Please send us a PM, and we would be glad to assist you further!🤗

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I am expecting the credit that I am owed to be applied to my account this billing cycle. Amount: $25. Ph# 386-383-4667. Please see that this is taken care of in June billing. Thank you.