Unable to pay bill with credit card or service payment card

  • 5 October 2019
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8/31 I bought 5 service payment cards from Target. They worked well and I was satisfied so I purchased another eight on 9/6 and tried to use them.

It did not work. When I put in the information, it kept showing error message "Looks like your card information is incorrect. Please double-check it and try again." Tried 2 of 8 service payment cards not working at all.

3-way conference call with Cricket Customer Service and (Service payment card balance check) 1-855-302-1721, was confirmed that the full balance $55 is on the card, but Cricket is not able to process. Because I had enough balance to cover the month, I waited for a month to try again.

Now it's 10/4, I contacted Cricket Online Chat Support.

First customer rep was bullsheetting me and told me because I tried more than 5 times per day to pay bill so I was declined --- Come on, it did not go thru the first time I tried...

Then he came up with another bullsheet, saying because my fund balance is too high. I asked him to point me a page that stating this "policy" but he refused to answer. Very rude person.

I waited a day later and contacted online support again. 

Then not sure after reading what note he left, this lady customer support "Veronica Singh" told me I am required to use DEBIT CARD to fund account and "enter correct details while make the payment". I am like "are you serious"? You think I copied pasted the wrong card number so many times and unable to get it correct? And what is this debit card requirement bullsheet she is talking about? Then she left the chat without answering anything.Cricket.png

This is a very very bad experience I had with Cricket. The customer service is getting worse and worse. Management should look into this.


11 replies

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Hello @kimitony16 We're sorry that you're having issues. Please reach out to our support teams via Facebook (m.me/cricketwireless) or twitter (@cricketsupport) for assistance.

I purchased 2 cards from Target this afternoon to pay my bill which is due tonight and I’m getting an error message. I’m imputing the card numbers correctly and don’t know what the problem is. I hope I’m not charged a reactivating fee for not paying on time. I tried to call customer service and I got a message saying it was closed. I tried the chat and it was the worse chat w customer service I’ve had. The chat was automated. Horrible customer support experience.
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Ive gotten a better and faster response by reaching out to Cricket through its social media on Facebook & Twitter. several posts have discussed long wait times due to the virus so sometimes you have to try methods other than calling. Hope this helps.

Hi. I am having the same issue now. The customer service is just bouncing me off between target, gift card provider and cricket. No solution yet. Worst customer service experience ever. They tell u to please stay in line and they disconnect the call abruptly. Very bad experience. No knowledgeable representative.

Im using a Bank debit card and getting the same nut stuff. Paid for years with this same very card...  Since  their last update and website change it been like this. MIGHT be time to go somewhere else...

They cant take payment over the phone. So i drove to location after a a gal did it and got the same thing. it was my fault to many attemps. suggestion I switch to auto pay>>> WHAT?  if I put in the same info it isnt seeing now what makes them think it going to see then? SOO I paid with cash mind you. I drove there. I paid cash and I was CHARGED $4.00. so when are we pentalized for going into places and paying CASH? They want everyone on auto pay. you save $5. NO not I!

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Ive gotten a better and faster response by reaching out to Cricket through its social media on Facebook & Twitter. several posts have discussed long wait times due to the virus so sometimes you have to try methods other than calling. Hope this helps.

Why do we have to use social media to get customer service?  I don’t have those accounts, and don’t want the overhead of doing so.  Cricket has this blog, and perhaps they could just fix things here, rather than having use customers jump through another hoop!


Cricket needs to fix their customer service! I am completely dissatisfied with My Account not being fixed for 2 months so I have to pay on the phone but then am charged $4. You are forcing me to pay on the phone and then charging a fee for your horrible website!


Hey, I have the same problem as you and I need to admit that I was really looking for a way to solve it and I didn’t find any way to do that on the internet. My mother is working as a financial expert and she said that I need to have more money on my card to be able to pay for it. I was looking everywhere and found https://paydaysay.com/ a website and just borrowed some amount of money from them. Currently, I am sitting with my new phone and here is a way for you to solve that problem.


Hey, I have the same problem as you, and I must admit that I was desperate for a solution, but I couldn't find one on the internet. My mother is a financial expert, and she advised me that I needed more money on my credit card to pay for it. I looked everywhere and came across https://easyqualifymoney.com/400-dollar-loan.php a website where I borrowed some money. I am currently sitting with my new phone, and here is a solution for you.


If you still have service with them the only thing i have found works is if you have your card linked to your google pay and use it on the app to pay 



but now I cant add my autopayments back because this issue is on the autopayment side as well for resetting it up as well…