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  • 12 October 2023
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I accidentally overpaid $40 in July 2023. Cricket support advised me to have my bank reverse the charge. I did so. Cricket suspended my service on 8/18/2023. I paid $63.67 to get service restored. 
  On 9/12/2023 Cricket again suspended my service. I paid $77 to get service restored. In 9/14/2023 Cricket again suspended my service. I paid $48 to get it restored. 
  Cricket claims my bank submitted multiple $40 charge reversals. My bank did not do this. My bank offered to set up a 3 way call to resolve this, but I could not get someone from Cricket to participate. It looks like Cricket credited me for one of the $40 overcharges on 9/18/2023, but still owes me. I can’t see account info online beyond 7/29/2023. I would appreciate help resolving this.


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Hi, @Ppgry ! We're sorry to hear about your experience and understand how frustrated you may feel now. Please private message @CricketSupport with your wireless number and name on the account for further assistance.