uograde fee?

  • 30 April 2021
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March 15th I ordered a new phone from cricket wireless online. When it showed up it had a cracked screen. I did not activate the phone or use it. I contacted customer support to ask for exchange. I was refused an exchange and was told company policy was to send it back for refund. 

Phone was returned, but was not given a full refund. Also, my account was locked due to "pending changes" so I couldn't even order another phone. I had a customer service agent remove the lock on my account. I also asked about my "upgrade fee" and he said I'd be refunded since I did not do an upgrade. 

Been waiting for my refund ever since. 


Today I contacted support through the chat app and lady told me she would escalate my issue and I'd for sure get refunded. Chat disconnected before we could finish the escalation. 

Instead of trying chat again I called to speak with someone only this time I was told upgrade fees are non refundable and I won't get jack. Asked to speak with supervisor who confirmed I'm not gonna get jack. 

I've been with at&t / cricket for over 24 years and you guys are seriously going to lose a customer over $25? 

Basically you guys sent me garbage that I had to return, then you wouldn't refund my upgrade fee. 


So twice I was told I'd be refunded, then today was told company policy forbids it. So, what's the deal? 

2 replies

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Hi @Alex548 

We’re sorry to hear about your experience, we would love to assist you with this. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue, your wireless number, and order number so that we can provide further assistance.

I cant even get a refund on the upgrade fee and I never opened the shipping box or activated the phone ! And now I cant buy one because it is pending !