Why does Cricket not train their CSR's better and hire more of them?

  • 8 November 2022
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My acp discount got cut off due to my changing addresses.
Someone at Cricket Customer Service determined the best thing was to close my acp account and re-open a new one. 
Not sure if that was right or wrong but that's where a saga of close to a dozen calls and at least 4 hours of my time on hold and talking to Cricket CSR's began.

The many problems I encountered with Cricket Customer Service Reps and Cricket's phone menu system:
* Every time I called I had to wait 15-20 min just to get through. When you call them here in Central FL they answer with a menu re routing your call, then once the call is routed, it is routed to a recording which states they are experiencing high call volume and the wait will be at least 10 min.
No option to call you back, you either sit and wait or you will *never* get through, which seems to be what they are hopiing. *Every* call begins with this 10-20 min wait.
* While waiting for 10-20 min you are annoyed with overly loud commercials for cricket and an annoying jingle being played over and over and over and over...
* When you get through - no matter if it's your 9th time re the same issue - you have to explain your issue all over again. 
* After 20 min or so they determine to pass me through to the acp dept. 
At that point, 4 times I got cut off. Imagine how frustrating this is after already spending 20 min on hold and 5-15 min explaining/exploring the problem with a csr.
*After I was cut off the first time, from then on I would begin my ordeal with csr's by saying, Will you please take my number so if I get cut off you can call me back? Still I was cut off, and NO call back, or the call back suspiciously went straight to voice mail which meant I would have to go thru the above all over again with a new call.
*Twice I was told my problem would be solved at the end of my call, and transfer to the right dept, and twice the problem was not solved and - you guessed it - I had to start all over again.

I am not exaggerating - and I have a written diary of names of csr's and times I called to prove it - I spent about 9 calls and a total of at least 4 hours on the phone over a period of a week before my problem was solved. 

My problem was NOT that difficult in the hands of a CSR who is properly trained. The problem is getting connected to the seemingly 1 in 10 who are properly trained.

While their phone service is good enough, their customer service is among the worst I've experienced in my life.

What can Cricket DO about this?
>Hire more good people and pay them so they care enough to learn the ropes and do a good job. You shouldn’t have to wait 10-20 min EVERY time you call Cricket for help! And when you do you should GET that help.


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Hi @johnnysax and welcome to the Community Forum. We appreciate your feedback as we’re always looking to improve our customers’ experience. We’re very sorry to hear about your recent experiences with Cricket Customer Support. Feel free to send our Digital Care Team a private message on this platform @CricketSupport if you need additional assistance or help in the future. You can also contact us via DM/PM on Twitter @cricketsupport or on Facebook at Thank you for choosing the #CricketNation!