Why does my bill show what I owe doubled?

  • 6 September 2022
  • 4 replies


Why is it that when I use the online system to pay my bill earlier than the due date, I see that my amount due has been doubled? It should say that I only owe $58.00, but it shows $116.00 instead. I have never missed a payment. I don't understand this. Please explain.


Best answer by BillyM_Cricket 9 September 2022, 00:29

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4 replies

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My bill shows that as well. 

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🤔🤔 ???

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@Missjreal85 We understand how frustrating billing issues can be. Please send a private message to @CricketSupport or reach us on our social media pages via Facebook  or twitter so we can take a  closer look at this for you. 


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