Why is customer service not able to do the right thing

  • 2 March 2021
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On Sunday, 2/28/21 I added a line to my account at the local Cricket Wireless store in Salisbury Maryland. We paid all the activation fees and no issue, everything was fine till the next day. My 4 lines were deactivated. Less than 24 hours of adding a line and they deactivate my service. Why, because my account had a $2 prorated fee added when I added the line that need paid. So to reactivate the line it is a $15 fee, and $4 fee to pay over the phone for a total charge of $21. All because of a computer system that deactivated my line. I called customer service to request a $15 credit as this was not my fault, had I been told I would of been happy to pay the $2. The customer service refused to provide any understanding. I was transferred to a manager, they offered no understanding and transferred me to a new manager who offered me $5. I explained it was not acceptable and asked to speak to someone that could provide some smarter logic than the call center provided. He told me he would ask his supervisor but I doubt that happened and informed me the best he could do is $5. I explained that was not acceptable and request how to contact someone that could escalate the matter. He showed no understanding and he eventually hung up on me. I called back and received a customer service rep and she reviewed my account and the previous calls. I explained my position that I should not be held accountable as my service should of not been deactivated. She explained that this was all they could offer and I acknowledged that I understand that but somehow I should be able to escalate my concern to someone that can provide better response outside of the authority they are provided. So my question is who can I discuss this with that has the authority to credit $15 to my account. Had I not paid a known bill or failed to pay I would understand but this was a mistake on Crickets side not the customers. All over a $2 fee that fell through the crack because I paid my monthly bill on time and added a line before the next month. Please do what is right.


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Hi @William Miner 

Thanks for posting. We would love to review this for you, feel free to reach out to us to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue, wireless number, and full name on the account.

Happy to report that someone was able to respond and provide me a credit for the issue. Thank you Cricket Wireless for restoring my faith that you could do the right thing. Next step is work on the call center so the customer does not need to go through all the previous mention experience.

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Same thing happened to me today.  All the reps swear it is a valid charge. Hopefully someone will respond to me.