Why is it a policy to force people to stay with your service because of some policy that is ONLY in place for customer retention? Your company does not offer the LifeLine Program! You ONLY offer ACP they are NOT the same thing!

  • 7 March 2022
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This is absolutely insane that people are being held to a “Policy” that is not disclosed to them when they purchase new equipment from Cricket! What is worse is that you do not offer ALL of the programs that are out there for your customers! Affordable Connectivity Program is COMPLETELY different then LifeLine Program. Why do your customers service rep’s not know the difference!? Your “Policy” holds all users of your service in a contractual agreement that they are not aware of, it is called a Quasi Contract. Everything that you advertise says you have no contracts! That is FALSE!! THAT IS FALSE ADVERTISING AND EXTREMELY MISLEADING! Looks like its time to contact an attorney!


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The information is not misleading lol it's actually really simple. There is no contract for your service as in you are not locked into a contract to stay :sleeping:

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@RB69 I hate to hear you’re having issues with your service and apologize for any confusion with the discounts we offer. At this time Cricket does not offer the lifeline discount but we do support the ACP program which offers up to $30 off your plan each month for qualifying individuals. You can check out more info on ACP here. As for your concerns with our policy, Cricket is a no contract wireless carrier but we do have terms and conditions related to our service which are accepted by activating, using, or paying for any of our products or services. This does include our device unlock policy which requires phones purchased from Cricket to be used with our service for 6 months before they are able to be unlocked to be used with another service provider. This only applies to the device and in no way prevents you from terminating your service or transferring your number to another provider.