Why is it not possible to remove payment alerts or reminders?

  • 4 August 2018
  • 8 replies

Why is it not possible to unsubscribe from text payment alerts or reminders? Moreover, why is it not possible to receive those same alerts or reminders to the account email address, as opposed to receiving them by texts?

8 replies

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Hello and welcome to the forum! At this time important notifications such as bill reminders cannot be disabled. You can adjust the settings for other notifications here: https://www.cricketwireless.com/legal-info/customer-choices-and-controls-sms-mms.html

Who thought it was a good idea to send billing reminders/info to ALL lines on an account??!

I am the primary owner of the account, the other 3 lines on my account are not.  I don't need a constant bombardment of panicked messages from family members every time a billing reminder is sent out to EVERYONE.  Just send it to me.  Grrr, I don't see how anyone could think this is a good idea, because the other 3 lines aren't able to pay the bill even if they wanted to, without my PIN.

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We apologize for any frustrations. With Cricket accounts there is no primary number or owner. Each line is treated equally on the account and has equal access. 

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And yeah I agree with the others thats stupid just imagine 5 lines like me grrrr noone has access to my account and its staying that way

I also find the payment reminders very irritating - especially since I am subscribed for automatic payment. I can accept the messages being sent to the primary line (i.e., me as the person making the payment) but it is unacceptable that I cannot control it being sent to the other lines. My spouse gets irritated when she is woken up by an early-morning test message.

Same here - why do my kids needs to receive payment text messages? And why do I need a reminder for payments that are auto-paid? Just send me (just to me, not to everyone on my plan) a messages when payment was not made.

I have to agree with all of the other comments here that to have this not be a user-configurable setting is ridiculous.  All of the people who share my account don't need to be notified monthly that the bill is due - and quite frankly neither do I, that's why it's on auto-pay.  This still causes my mother concern every month worrying that her service might be cut off.  This would seem to be a rather easy way of making some of your customers happy.  Point the alerts to an email address if would be too hard to change the job or for people who don't want to receive alerts set up a dummy phone number that you can point the job to for specific accounts who don't want to be bothered.  This is not in any way an insurmountable problem if Cricket is willing to be responsive to their customers.


I have to agree with the rest of the customers on this thread that the unwanted alerts are an unnecessary annoyance.  Every month my mother sees the alert and is concerned a bill hasn't been paid - this is why I have auto-pay set up so I don't need to worry about it and I CERTAINLY don't need my family being concerned.

This is an automated job running on your platform so it can be changed or modified just like any piece of code.  If it has too many touchpoints to be easily changed then point it to either an email address as has been suggested or for customers who request point it to a dummy phone number so the alerts are still generated they just don't annoy your paying customers.

Thank you.