worst customer service ever!! !!!!!!

  • 11 June 2021
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This can't get made up I swear... My phone got stolen. I got a old device and a NEW cricket sim card. I call to have my stolen phone placed on the stolen lost and activate the G7 supra I have.  Which was done on the third of this month. About an HR later my G7 has no service or internet. While driving 2 1/2 hrs home from my father's surger for cancer. I call  support and to find out they have placed the G7 on the stolen list instead of the LG Stylo which was stolen.  I have called everyday to get my phone back on which is the main number for my father's doctors and I am power or attorney. With no phone service. Today finally they get my phone activated. And removed from the block list. It's the 11th at this point. So I ask what can be done about these days I haven't had any service. I paid for it yet I couldn't use it due to a cricket employee error. They offer 5$ credit... Lol really I pay 90$ a month that's 3$ a day and u offer 5 dollars. So then they get on the phone talking well your service was on an HR here an HR there activated the 9 trying to count every second I may have had service. If that was the case I would have had my phone activated again today. Million dollar company squeezing every nickle they can out of the little guys.  Like a 20 dollar credit is going to make or break the company your really going to try to justify every seconds and even try to make  up I have had no phone since I actived it on the 3rd. And yet I payed for it and couldn't us it if it was the other way u would be charged late fee activation fee cricket would have charged me all kinds of if it was rolls were switch. Yet you try to squeeze whatever you can not to pay back something I already payed for and was in able to us...  I WANT MY MONEY REFUND... YOU GREEDY..... 

1 reply




Thank you for posting on the Community Forum! We’re really sad to hear about this experience. We would never want you to feel way about our assistance. We recommend reaching out to our support team on Facebook (m.me/cricketwireless) or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue and make sure everything is squared away.