• 11 December 2021
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Ok so I went through the whole system to extend my Bridgepay payment. After my card was entered it DID accept my payment “of course” but said “oops I was unable to extend your payment” so sadly I had to wait till NINE OCLOCK for them to open because THEY DISCONNECTED my line & talking to 6 EXTREMELY RUDE CRICKET PPL . Everybody stated it was nothing they could do “AND DID NOT OFFER TO HELP” of course ! Out of a $60 bill I had to pay $85 because NOBODY WANTED TO HELP ! THIS HAS TO BE THE WORST SERVICE N CUSTOMER SERVICE IVE EVER DELT WITH ! I GET OFF AT 7am had to sit up till 9am-12pm fussing on the phone with reps because my line was disconnected DUE TO CRICKET WACK AUTOMATIC VOICE SYSTEM! I’m taking this situation to corporate because it’s unacceptable for a loyal customer to be told they could not help due to a “voice system issue” ONE STAR RATING 

1 reply

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Thanks for commenting on our Community Forum! We’d love to investigate this further! We’ll be sending you a PM for more information. :slight_smile::thumbsup: