"Your credit card address is invalid."

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I am having an extremely frustrating problem when trying to buy a new phone and transfer a number to Cricket.  Whenever I try to check out, I get the error "Your credit card address is invalid."  I have tried multiple cards and always get the same problem.  I have even tried doing the purchase from a brand new account rather than trying to add it as a line to my existing account.  Same error again and again.

I have spent a couple hours on the phone with customer service with no resolution.  Today I spent 90 minutes in a store with no resolution.  I can't just buy the phone in the store because there is a $200 rebate if I transfer the number, and that rebate is online only.

If you search this problem with Google, you find many people have had the same issue.  This is a recurring issue with the Cricket web site that no one seems to acknowledge, and customer service seems completely unaware of it or how to solve it.  They can't help with place the order on the phone, and I can't get he rebate I need at the store.  I am on the verge of cancelling all my lines and taking my business elsewhere.   

I very much hope that those monitoring this forum can acknowledge this is a problem with the web site, and hopefully offer a useful solution.


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I can also add that I no problem purchasing my initial service, or ordering a SIM card to activate a second line.  Both of these were transfers using existing phones.  I was using the same credit card and address.  It is only this time, when I am trying to order a phone, that I am getting the error.  I suspect the real error is really something else entirely, but this is the error reported.

About four hours ago I went through the process on the Cricket website to transfer my phone number from another carrier to Cricket, along with ordering a new phone and setting up the initial plan.  When I entered my AMEX card for payment, I got the error that the credit card address is invalid.  I tried multiple combinations of changes to the address, but none of them worked.  Eventually I entered a VISA card instead, and the Cricket website immediately accepted it.   Maybe that info would be useful to other customers, or the programmers of the Cricket website. 

I have this problem too! Customer service tried to help by updating my address in the system, but that didn't solve it. I typed in my address exactly how they said they entered it, and i still got the error message. I have to physically go to a store to buy anything, because they refuse to sell you anything over the phone. (Which is kind of ironic, because hello, you're a phone company!) I don't have this problem with my credit card anywhere else - just Cricket.

that is because cricket doesn't accept AMEX

I was having that problem as well error message address does not match card.

My debit card is a master card so I want to Walmart and got a prepaid visa and 

had no problem it worked just fine. I think the problem is that cricket does not 

except master card. When I called customer service they did not tell me this the

they just said my zip code did not match my area code obviously they don’t know what they were talking about so try a Visa card .

I’ve used a MasterCard and Visa with no success. I verified I am using the same address as is on file but I still get the error. This problem needs to be fixed. VERY inconvenient. Especially with the whole COVID mess going on, I don’t want to visit the local store if at all possible.

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Hi @Dalton23 and thanks for posting on the Community Forum! We do accept Mastercard as a form of payment. However, your billing address and shipping address must match exactly. 

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Hi @Dstraub and welcome to the Community Forum! We suggest using a prepaid debit card to place your order if you're still experiencing difficulties. The billing address and shipping address must match exactly, so a prepaid card is a great alternative because you can input whatever address you like. 

My shipping and billing address is exactly the same and I still can't buy a phone and plan online with my mastercard. It says in checkout "your shipping/billing address" and I still cannot get it to work.

I have exactly the same issue! Tried 3 different credit cards. Called the bank and confirmed that they authorized the charges already. But the order still can't go through. The customer service doesn't help at all. It is very frustrating.

I'm also struggling with this error "Credit Card address Is Invalid". I've tried 5 different credit cards, and 2 different web browsers, and cleared cookies, all with no success. Some of the cards are Visa and some are Mastercard. My address isn't a PO Box, it's a plain vanilla street number and street name in the USA. I have lived at this address for years. There's absolutely nothing unique or odd about the address.

I'm trying to buy an upgrade phone for my existing account, and ship it to my home address, which is the same as the address for my credit cards, which is the same as the address on my Cricket account. I confirmed with one of my credit card companies that the charges are going through successfully, but then being immediately reversed by Cricket. I confirmed with a Cricket online chat rep that the address I'm using matches the one on the account. Nobody can explain why I'm getting this error, or even really what it means.

The solution from the Cricket moderator says the billing address and shipping address must match. They do. The solution also says to use a prepaid debit card instead of your personal debit or credit card. I suppose I could do that, but wow is it inconvenient. I've never had to do something like that for any other online purchase, ever. Very frustrating.

I was going crazy yesterday with this "Credit Card address Is Invalid" error, as I described above. Today I was about to give up and drive to the Cricket store, but I decided to give the web site one last try and it worked! I supplied the exact same information that I gave at least 5 times yesterday, so I'm not sure what changed, but it's not anything that I did.