3G Network Shutdown Starting in February 2022

  • 21 January 2022
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3G Network Shutdown Starting in February 2022
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Hey Cricket Nation, 


Over the past few months, we have seen an increase in questions concerning Cricket’s proposed 3G shutdown. Question like, “Will my phone stop working?” or “Will my rate plan change?” In hopes of giving you some answers to those burning questions and more, we decided to write out a short blog post about it. 


Why is the Cricket 3G Network shutting down?

We don't like to think of it as shutting down. We see it as the network getting better for our customers.  This shift will mean faster, stronger, more reliable service for customers who currently use services on the 3G network.

Will I need to get a new cell phone?

I too am always looking for a reason to buy/switch out my phone to a newer device. This may not be the case for you. If you have a High-Definition Voice-capable (HD Voice-capable) device that is compatible with Cricket’s HD Voice network, congratulations you can keep your phone. If you don't, you will need to buy a HD Voice capable phone that works on the Cricket HD Voice network. Don't know if your phone is compatible? Click this link to check its status. 

When will the 3G Shutdown Begin?

Soon. Really soon. How soon? February 2022. If your phone will be affected you should have received texts and emails alerting you to any possible new changes. Like this customer, who received an offer to get a new phone because of the pending shutdown. Aside from the need to change phones if it isn't compatible with the changes, customers with non-HD voice phones that are enrolled in auto pay may be affected as well. Alerts are being sent to those customers warning them of any changes to their account. 

Ok, that's three big questions and three answers. Do you have 21 more questions like 50 Cent about the 3G Shutdown? Visit this link where we will attempt to answer all of them. 


Thanks for reading and as always, thanks for being apart of the Cricket Nation. 



6 replies


I have a device that meets all the requirements, and even works fine on AT&T, but isn’t in your list so service was suspended. Can it be reactivated or am I forced to use one of the few data only devices on the list? 

I am currently using a 4G LTE modem (Netgear LB1120) with a Cricket Wireless data only plan.

The cricket app is telling me my account will be suspended if I don't purchase a VoLTE phone.

My account has been suspended 3 times, prior to the shutdown, to “warn” me.

Why do I need an HD Voice (VoLTE) phone for a DATA ONLY PLAN?

My device is a 4G LTE compatible device.

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I got a text saying I need to upgrade my phone as it's not compatible with the 5G network anymore. When I called to upgrade it, the rep said it's already been upgraded and gave me a tracking number. But I didn't do the upgrade! When I checked the tracking info, it was delivered to a different state!

I tried opening a ticket about fraud but after an hour of back and forth, the rep was just trying to make me buy a new phone and finally they just gave me a link to a form that I need to fill out and send via registered mail to them. Why can't they simply open a ticket for me or Cricket have an online form for it?


I am unable to send or receive text messages, I am unable to receive or make calls, or use my data. Instead of some bars I see a No service message. I called tech support went through all the steps and they told me to go get a free sim card from the store….

Went to the store they told me I had to buy the sim card for $10.81


Called tech support again was informed that I was told the wrong information by the previous representative and that if I bought the sim card they would issue a credit on my account, After asking what if they give me the run around and telling the agent to send me a sim card by mail she said…… She couldn’t send it for free and it would be $10.81 the same as the store… so where is the refund? Have not had service for 5 days and still no sim card. Asked to speak with a manager was transferred to a ringing line that never answered. about 2 hours on the phone today and another 30 minutes at the store. Just the run around no issues resolved.



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